The world didn’t finish. The lights stayed on, airplanes remained within the sky, and when the clock struck midnight on January 1, 2000, the world’s computerized techniques had been correctly primed to deal with the roll over from years that began with “19” and years that began with “2.” Not that the 365 days that adopted wanted any assist with being eventful: The Y2K bug was a bust, however computer systems nonetheless managed to wreak havoc, as their more and more linked customers rode rising broadband speeds into each other’s music libraries, accessed by means of a chunk of software program that might grow to be the recording trade’s public enemy No. 1 by midyear. You may argue till you’re blue within the face about when a brand new decade, century, or millennium truly begins, however with Peanuts set to finish in February of 2000, the outdated standbys and safety blankets of the 20th century had been already beginning to fade away. In the meantime, america was on the precipice of choosing a brand new president—although no one might’ve suspected that Choice 2000 finally rested with the U.S. Supreme Courtroom.

However lists of incorrectly labeled MP3s, cartoon panels, and the holes of oddly punctured ballots are simply three portals to see 2000 by means of. As is custom for The A.V. Membership’s annual summertime throwbacks, we start Y2K Week by reconstructing the 12 months that was 20 years in the past by means of the popular culture works, figures, and occasions that outlined it. It’s not a complete timeline, however a mosaic of the artwork and media that also scream “Y2K!” at present. To paraphrase an outdated Late Evening With Conan O’Brien bit that carried on throughout (and even after) the 12 months in its title: It’s time, as soon as once more, to look into the previous.

The previous?

That’s proper—let’s look into previous. All the best way to the 12 months 2000.

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