2016 has been fairly a buzzworthy yr so far as rap album releases go. Lots of the largest names within the enterprise, together with Kanye West, Drake and Kendrick Lamar have all dropped extremely anticipated albums this yr, and the most recent artist as much as bat to current his personal undertaking to the world is Travi$ Scott. Simply final week, the high-octane hip-hop rock star unleashed his sophomore album, Birds within the Lure Sing McKnight, to his rabid fan base.

Initially discovering his solution to prominence via his manufacturing course of, impressing the likes of Kanye West and T.I., the Houston rep would switch his abilities from the board to the sales space, in the end releasing the mixtape, Days Earlier than Rodeo, in 2014, and debut album, Rodeo, final yr. The album, which featured visitor appearances by heavyweights like Kanye West, Justin Beiber, The Weeknd and Future, and songs just like the rager “Antidote,” would set up Scott as one of many extra thrilling artists within the present panorama of hip-hop, setting the stage for his anticipated return to the scene.

Birds within the Lure Sing McKnight can also be a star-studded affair, with A-listers like Kendrick Lamar, Andre 3000, The Weeknd and a handful of Scott’s different trade associates lending their abilities to the undertaking. Regardless of being out there for a couple of quick days up to now, a couple of of the album’s extra quotable lyrics have jumped out at us and have been ingrained in our acutely aware after giving Birds within the Lure a number of spins. We have compiled 20 of essentially the most memorable rhymes from the album to have fun the event. Did your favourite make the reduce?

  • 1

    Andre 3000

    “the ends”

    “Killer would present up with containers of pizza/And stated he had a label recruitin’ individuals/Put that on my grandma and everythin’/My homie stated he informed ’em his identify was Wayne/It may’ve been me or may’ve been you too/What a reminiscence in me, needing to lose/What’s gon’ patch up my intertube/So I may pop a wheelie and stroll it too”

  • 2

    Travis Scott

    “approach again”

    “It is summer season, why they tryna throw shade?/All these wins I can by no means gold state (yeah)/UFC I am tapping to my previous methods (alright)/I am addressing shit like I am on methods/Confirmed ya love, ain’t present it again in OK/Just like the woman that she go each methods/Dropped the Rodeo, I dodged a bull like olé/Hopped within the Bronco, skrrt off like OJ (yeah)”

  • 3

    Travis Scott


    “Freeway, dip in visitors, 2 gears, computerized/Depart the strip membership tragic,2 broads going at it (It is lit!)/Me and Jacques going brazy, Me and Chase going brazy (Straight up!)/Smashin’ off your previous girl (Yeah!), Everythin’ goin’ loopy (Yeah!)”

  • 4

    Child Cudi

    “via the late evening”

    “Blimp’s soarin’, how the hell did I get on this area?/4 within the mornin’, how did I get on this place?/Oh it do not matter, received smoke, drink, and I am runnin’ this area/Achieved contemplatin’, I’ma take it in and groove on this case/N, N-Dimethyltryptamine and Lysergic acid diethylamide/The vibes are effervescent, scrumptious, simply how they need to be”

  • 5

    Travis Scott

    “via the late evening”

    “Steadiness, discover your steadiness/God stated it is my expertise, sprinkle slightly season on the salad/Relieve my coronary heart of malice, hit my palace/Stroke my cactus, oh, do not wait Do not play)/Play no video games just like the NBA, throwin’ checks just like the NBA/You a hoop, you a hoop, we shootin’ pictures just like the NRA/Ahh, she jammin’ Travis and Child Cudi/The brand new Krayzie Bone and Slim Bun B”

  • 6


    “beibs within the lure”

    “I simply poured a eighth in a liter/Throw some jolly ranchers in make it sweeter/Versace my garments I am with a white ho/And he or she snortin’ three strains like Adidas/Bought a black woman rolling off molly/Bought a white bitch snorting up snow/Say she need actual niggas within the get together/Dad and mom gon’ go away the keys to the condominium”

  • 7

    Travis Scott

    “beibs within the lure”

    “Pulled out within the hood Toyota/Drove again to the hood Lambo/Crushes xans in my soda/Driving across the metropolis with my eyes closed/Loopy women received it poppin’, AOD received it poppin’/Tryna’ textual content my accountant/Ain’t no service within the mountains (straight up!)/Will not you come to the underside (yeah)/Know you heard lots about ’em”

  • 8

    Travis Scott

    “candy candy”

    “Like my time, like my jokes (candy)/We been down since within the basement with essentially the most (candy, yah)/Shout my city, shout my troops/Shout my jeweler, made my chain appear like Fruit Loops (yeah, it is lit!)/Come get a style, come get a scoop/I achieved made it out the hood via all of the hoops (hula hoops)/I achieved lastly discovered a solution to make the loot/Hyperlink up all my niggas and my jewelers”

  • 9

    Travis Scott

    “candy candy”

    “Once I ask who larger/Ain’t tryna argue with ya, I am tryna determine (straight up!)/Who you with, who your group?/What your aspect? The way you, the way you, the way you trip (the way you trip?)/How you employ me to outlive (straight up!)Yeah, trigger we up, lit at 5/On the crib goin’ dwell, oh so dwell (yeah)/Eric maintain the strippers, order V Stay/Order wings, informed em’ maintain the aspect”

  • 10

    Travis Scott


    “Yeah, at all times received it on me child, computerized, yeah/The place I am at is static, however it ain’t received visitors, yeah/Push up on me, them boys make you do a backflip/Steadiness on the beam, yeah steadiness on the beam, yeah/Do some shit I’ve by no means seen/Will not you come out with the group, yeah/Yeah, you may simply win a hoop, yeah/Why they dwelling on they homescreens?”

  • 11

    21 Savage


    “All my niggas outdoors, pillow talkin’ sneak dissin’
    Get a nigga jaw large/Beat you child mama throat so lengthy she say her jaw’s drained/Younger Savage get a nigga wacked trigger I received mob ties, I am a smart man/All my niggas within the subject/I am draped in that Biani, I ain’t received a deal/Slaughter Gang and PDE, we killin’ shit for actual/10 dangerous bitches, suckin dick and eatin’ tablets”

  • 12

    Travis Scott


    “Once I’m pullin’ up proper beside ya/Popstar, lil’ Mariah once I textual content a cute sport/Wildness, throw a stack on the Bible/By no means Snapchat or took molly/She fall via a lot, her and all her ginnies/We on the prime flooring, proper there off the Henny/Oh no, I am unable to fuck with y’all/Yea, once I’m with my squad I can not do no improper”

  • 13

    Kendrick Lamar


    “Mama, pricey, spare your emotions/I am reliving moments, peeling extra residual/(I can) purchase the constructing, burn the constructing, take your bitch, rebuild the constructing simply to fuck some extra/(I can) justify my love for you and contact the sky for God to cease, debating conflict/Put the pussy on a pedestal/Put the pussy on a excessive horse/That pussy to die for/That pussy to die for”

  • 14

    Travis Scott

    “first take”

    “Yeah, first take, you ain’t on time, you have been late/While you round me, you are secure (lit!)You’ll be able to’t go round, fuck the heresay/I do know that look in your face/You assume you winnin’ a race/You assume all I do is play (yeah!)/I did not put you in your house/Then why you continue to right here in my place?”

  • 15

    Bryson Tiller

    “first take”

    “Shit, goddamn you feelin’ your self/Out in Hollywood, you bought a nigga with some wealth/You ain’t free tonight, I guess he name any individual else/Tryna inform you I am the final actual nigga left/You’ll be able to hit me when you need assistance/Along with your love issues, along with your cash issues/I simply may remedy ’em, I simply may remedy ’em/I simply may remedy ’em, I simply may remedy ’em”

  • 16

    Younger Thug

    “decide up the telephone”

    “Pour up a 4 of that Actavis/Lean like my mothafuckin’ granny did/Tremendous Bowl ring with huge physique Benz/I stack it up now I am simply higher livin’/Bought screws in my mouth, I am simply preppin’ it/I am fucking this money up, I’m not celibate/I am packin’ it up like a reverend/I want all this money, I received hella youngsters”

  • 17


    “decide up the telephone”

    “Lady you are so cute and your ass is good/Drinkin’ on 4 and I am shootin’ cube/Wrist polar bear, Klondike/And I am loving all races, hell nah do not discriminize/Drinkin’ on clear, sanitize/Ostritch seats with the frog eyes/If I ever name your telephone child/Finest consider it is just one time”

  • 18

    Travis Scott


    “You realize what, we grew on/We return like futons and coupons/We too dangerous, we too wild, we too younger/Shake some, my niggas gon’ shake some/Fall via and break somethin’/Broad day, and take somethin'”

  • 19

    Travis Scott


    “The way you been along with your exercise visits?/Bought my prescription, information my intentions/You realize my intentions/You realize that no person know our enterprise/God’s our witness, lit like my wrist is/Solely prefer it whenever you’re at your littest”

  • 20

    The Weeknd


    “We simply landed in your metropolis, go time/Driving to the venue, like we’re seeing no indicators/She received all of the passes, she do not ever do strains/Bustin’ like she’s single, she ain’t losing no time/You can’t file, that is for the present now/Depart your telephone, you get that in a while now/Pour that particular drink that is for my throat now/And take a sip, oh my”

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