1) Groundhog Day

Really feel good issue: Even your worst days can have a contented ending and simply take a look at the positives, you do not even need to floss!

Floss Groundhog Day

2) House Alone

Really feel good issue: Christmas is rarely distant within the calendar and no one REALLY desires to make their household disappear.


3) The Wedding ceremony Singer

Really feel good issue: Proof that the sound man can get the woman whereas absolutely the di*khead will get into an argument with Billy Idol. This occurs on a regular basis in Coppers.

4) The Magnificent Seven

Really feel good issue: One epic rating can raise your spirits, even after struggling a crushing low.

5) Indiana Jones and The Final Campaign

Really feel good issue: Your dad can all the time be relied upon to present you the very best recommendation.  Very like the Holy Grail, you simply need to let any go of any hang-ups as a result of the reward is larger.

Last crusade ending

6) Good Will Searching

Really feel good issue: Generally you simply need to throw warning to the wind and say ‘I would like this woman greater than anything’.

See Girl

7) Little Miss Sunshine

Really feel good issue: There’s all the time a silver lining to be discovered even if dying, frustration and household points make it not possible to see.

All you want is a bizarre mixture of inappropriate dancing, laughter and Rick James.


8) The Breakfast Membership

Really feel good issue: There’s nothing higher than pissing off the person. Be your self and feck the haters.

Breakfast Club

9) Napoleon Dynamite

Really feel good issue: At all times vote for Pedro.

I am pretty positive that Uncle Rico additionally managed to excellent time journey and throw that pigskin over the mountain.

10) Wayne’s World

Really feel good issue: There’s tons to be mentioned for the tremendous glad Scooby-Doo ending.

11) Earlier than Sundown

Really feel good issue: The one which acquired away can all the time come again.


12) The Commitments

Really feel good issue: Wonderful failure continues to be higher than doing nothing. At the very least you tried.

On the lighter aspect, it additionally proves that Jimmy ‘The Lips’ Fagan wasn’t a whole spoofer.

Jimmy Lips

13) Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring

Really feel good issue: You’ll be able to all the time depend on a buddy that may do their highest to assist.

14) One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest

Really feel good issue: Some birds simply aren’t meant to be caged.

Cooko's Nest

15) Again to the Future

Really feel good issue: Take your decide. Chuck Berry? Biff getting punched? Marty going dwelling? Doc Brown surviving? A contented household? It is all wonderful.

16) The Goonies

Really feel good issue: Sloth love Chunk. Oh yeah, in addition they weren’t evicted. By no means say die.

Goonies Ending

17) Cinema Paradiso

Really feel good issue: Make peace with the previous and on a really uncommon event, films can genuinely transfer you.

18) The Shawshank Redemption

Really feel good issue: Do not be so obtuse as a result of glad endings do exist.

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