With its YouTube music video sitting at over a billion views, it’s secure to say that Psy’s “Gangnam Fashion” has permeated each side of popular culture. That may sound like a hyperbole, however when you possibly can’t stroll two blocks with out seeing some schlub in a blue tuxedo sporting sun shades dance-galloping down the road on Halloween, you’ll notice that it’s true.

Psy – “Gangnam Fashion”

It’s onerous to think about that “Gangnam Fashion” could be half as profitable internationally with out its accompanying visuals, given the truth that Psy’s goofy dance strikes are way more memorable than any of the track’s lyrics or melodies. Despite the fact that Psy’s been courted by Justin Bieber’s supervisor Scooter Braun, we’ve obtained a sneaking suspicion that he might turn out to be a one hit surprise (actually?!). Between Carly Rae Jepsen, Psy, and Asher Roth, Scooter’s roster is definitely beginning to appear like a steady of 1 trick ponies.

Wait, might we be suggesting that Psy, an artist with an explosively common novelty track and a dance to match it would NOT have one other hit up his sleeve? That is all sounding acquainted.

When compiling this listing of songs that additionally have their very own dance motion pictures, it shortly grew to become obvious that it’s extremely troublesome to bounce again from having a mixed track and dance hit. With solely a pair controversial exceptions (“In The Navy,” clearly) most of those artists ended up receiving the dreaded label of being a one hit surprise. Is having a catchy track with a corresponding catchy dance a kiss of dying? Try our listing of ten songs which have their very own dance strikes, and see for your self.

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