Your major college lunch field snacks have been the spotlight of your day as a child. Amid the monotony of the college day – studying lengthy division (what even is that) and Italian (very helpful, can now say molten penne) – your snacks have been a brilliant, shining mild.

Sandwich? Boring. Snacks SURROUNDING sandwich? A pleasure. Who knew what Mum and/or Dad had in retailer for us every day! Would we get a scrumptious contraband deal with? Or some horrible faux-healthy snack marketed at dad and mom who have been alarmed by their little one’s chip butty consumption on the canteen?

I discovered all of the snacks I may bear in mind throughout not one, however 4 supermarkets. Sadly, we now have a number of losses. One – House Meals Sticks. Couldn’t discover them anyplace. Woolies says they’ve them however Woolies, for my part, is mendacity.

Two – GoGurts. Don’t exist. Like really are discontinued although, not simply floating round on grocery store websites taunting me, however not really current in actuality.

Anyway, who cares. I rounded up 22 snacks for you. That’s greater than sufficient to entertain! Let’s get to it.

1. Mamee Noodles

Spoiler – I had Mamee Noodles again once I tried all my fave canteen meals, so I already knew what they have been like. Nonetheless, I did it once more simply coz, and look. They’re… nice? Nonetheless crunchy and the BBQ flavouring nonetheless tastes like pure MSG, however not as great as I bear in mind.

2. SPC Two Fruits

Palms up for those who had an uber wholesome mum or dad who compelled stewed fruit on you as a child? I all the time had a two fruits or the peaches in a bath as lunch field snacks.

Love globules of soppy fruit in juice

Making an attempt this as an grownup – yeugh. Tastes like for those who soaked styrofoam packing chunks in some heat, gluggy pear juice.

3. Dunkaroos

BIGGEST. DISAPPOINTMENT. EVER. Who begged and pleaded for these as lunch field snacks after they have been children? All of us? Yeah. Coz it seemed fucking wonderful – little kangaroo bikkies AND choccy unfold? What a wonderful sugary combo!

In actuality, the hazelnut unfold is sort of a sub par model of Nutella, and the Tiny Teddies SHIT all around the bikkies. No bueno.

You lied to me

4. Babybels

Scorching rattling. I imply I nonetheless eat these as a grown grownup so like, I’m principally a Babybel skilled. They’re the PERFECT cheese. A bit creamy, a bit sharp. I may eat ten of those. Enjoyable truth – once I was in France years in the past I discovered a Babybel the dimensions of my fucking HAND.

These Frenchies know what’s up.

5. Bega Stringers

Completely disgusting creation. Child advertising and marketing x 10000. I imply, children do love them (I certain did) and so they’re nonetheless cheese and preservative free and shit. However the novelty of stripping bits of cheese off a log loses its shine as an grownup.

Additionally, the cheese tastes shit.

6. Paul’s The Lion King Yoghurt

This was my GoGurt substitute – comparable vibe, and banana flavoured as a result of who tf eats banana yoghurt previous age ten?

Me, sooner or later, apparently – as a result of this fucking SLAPPED. Banana yogie is scrumptious!! So good! And squeezy pouches are such a vibe, no mess, no spoon, get the job achieved and many others.

7. An Orange

My mum was obsessive about together with pre-cut fruit in my lunch field which, come 11am, was heat, smelly, and had infiltrated all different lunch field snacks in my bag. And possibly my bag, too.

The lower up orange was by far the worst wrongdoer of this. As an grownup, it’s nonetheless the messiest, most ineffective fruit.

8. A Mandarin

On the flip aspect, mandarins have been neat and didn’t want reducing! However these have been additionally the fuckboy of fruit – every wedge was like enjoying with hearth. Would you be burned with a dud, tasteless piece or a juicy, contemporary one? You by no means knew. Very idiot me as soon as/disgrace on you/idiot me eight out of ten occasions and now I’m in a nasty temper coz of you, mandarin.

9. Le Snak

I fucked with Le Snak as a child, and I nonetheless fuck with Le Snak. Gimme all of the spreadable processed cheese you’ve. One factor although – these STILL don’t present sufficient of a ratio of cheese unfold to cracker.

Absolute delicacy, this one

Do higher.

10. Tiny Teddies

Enjoyable truth: you may solely purchase a field of 1 flavour Tiny Teddies, or a GIANT FIFTEEN PACK. Appears excessive. Anyway, now I’m made from Tiny Teddies as a result of these unhealthy boys? They’re completely child medication.

Palms up for those who used to eat their heads off like a psychopath

The Honey flavour remains to be supreme and most addictive, however intently adopted by Chocolate.

Choc Chip can get fucked.

11. 100% True Fruit Bars

These have been the Helen Mason (mum) model of a roll up. Under no circumstances did they resemble a roll up in both style or texture. They have been as an alternative a thick plank of mashed fruit that was a bit greasy while you eliminated it from the packet.

sure, it has the attraction of a flaccid penis too

Shit then, shit now.

12. Roll Ups

Right here’s a shock for you – Roll Ups suck as an grownup. The novelty of unwrapping a flat, vibrant rainbow is completely nonetheless there. Keep in mind the plastic bit!?

appears wasteful now I see it

However the style is gross. Pretend fruit plasticness and so they’re inconceivable to chew with out drooling on your self.

13. Uncle Toby’s Muesli Bar

This was my favorite flavour of muesli bar as a child, and it’s nonetheless fairly rattling good at present. They used to have far more yoghurt on prime although and that basically made it. Like a flat layer, you realize?

14. Laughing Cow

One other phenom cheese. These have been little triangular blocks of cream cheese unfold, which is fucking bizarre but in addition extraordinarily scrumptious? I ate all eight in an hour.

15. Nutella

Good god, who doesn’t have the fondest recollections of those unhealthy boys. Nonetheless complicated to me – have been you meant to pack them on some 5 day hike and unfold one single piece of white bread with them, or have been all of us consuming them appropriately by licking the spatula?


I don’t know, nor do I care sufficient to seek out out. They’re simply DAMN good.

16. Frozen Simply Juice Poppa

Mum favored to place a frozen poppa in my lunch field to maintain my lunch field snacks and sandwich cool. Generally when she ran out she’d put a frozen water bottle, which was disgusting and the water tasted like freezer.

Anyway, prepare for a brand new habit as a result of frozen poppas are SUCH a vibe. Go purchase a six pack and see for those who don’t find yourself shopping for ten extra subsequent week.

17. LCM Bar

Ah sure, the forbidden snek. Mum by no means let me have these and you realize what? As a grown lady who may mom a baby myself now, I get it.

Truthfully I want I may transport the scrumptious scent by way of the pc

These are literal liquid sugar on cereal. They’re not even pretending to be wholesome, you realize? And for that, we should respect them.

Additionally, LCM bars are fucking scrumptious for those who additionally need to convey on an enormous sugar excessive and subsequent crash involving crying over your ex.

18. SPC Fruit In Jelly

This was my choice over Two Fruits. It had the kid-approved component of jelly concerned! Sure sure, the tasteless pear remains to be current however jelly!!! JELLY!

extra globules!

IRL these are nice. Not wonderful, not gross. Possibly good chilly however I attempted them heat coz who had a chilly lunch field in actuality?

19. Aeroplane Jelly Cup

That is pure fucking sugar and I do not know how these made it previous my well being obsessed mum.

20. Spaghetti In A Tin

Okay I distinctly bear in mind this time when the principal at college instructed us we may not convey canned meals in, due to the danger of damage. How we have been ever allowed it within the first place? Past me.

These are as disgusting as you’d anticipate. And but, you return for extra. Can’t clarify it, received’t.

21. Apricot Delight

One other sugar inferno masquerading as a “wholesome snack”! These are like consuming a small log of pure sugar crystals mashed into some dried apricot. So, scrumptious, but in addition headache inducing.

22. Mini Sultanas

I all the time had tiny packs of sultanas in my lunch field as if making the pack all cute and teeny instantly made dried grapes interesting to children.

These packets are so fucking small. I reckon they maintain like ten sultanas. It’s insanity.

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