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Unhappy Track (Delena)copyright safety157PENANAtZd9ll5dj9

Characters: Damon, Elena, Ric (talked about)copyright safety157PENANAKy1bEZuBcF

Abstract: Set in 6×7 “Do You Keep in mind The First Time?,” 5×22 “Residence,” 2×22 “As I Lay Dying,” 5×1 “I Know What You Did Final Summer season,” and 6×6 “The Extra You Ignore Me, The Nearer I Get.”copyright safety157PENANABXQ1NZaSr4

Pairings:copyright safety157PENANAfU3t4pOaC8

                        Delenacopyright safety157PENANAjmGkylk2Wx

*Do You Keep in mind The First Time?*copyright safety157PENANAHyvyzjyKb0

You and Icopyright safety157PENANAOqVSUZhIaT

We’re like fireworks and symphoniescopyright safety157PENANAQtgxOOS9RP

Exploding within the skycopyright safety157PENANAHznc8XvGHH

With youcopyright safety157PENANAGw7Bo1BFKL

I’m alivecopyright safety157PENANAzBfQ84F1dw

Like all of the lacking items of my coronary heartcopyright safety157PENANAQU6e7ecDVT

They lastly collidecopyright safety157PENANAkCprdOtPtd

So cease time proper right here within the moonlightcopyright safety157PENANAB3PRTXVzY9

‘Trigger I don’t ever wanna shut my eyescopyright safety157PENANA6P4c3brfOm

161Please respect copyright.PENANA8XEtBgsRbD
copyright safety157PENANA99YzBcn42R

161Please respect copyright.PENANAlgJ6kdwk6h
copyright safety157PENANAiDV7uP5po3

            It was a wet evening, as Damon and Elena stood in entrance of one another that evening by his automobile.copyright safety157PENANAzuTDGXP8dE

            “Come on. Time to desert ship,” Damon instructed her.copyright safety157PENANAumNtVoGjtI

            “No, no, no. Wait. Simply give it a second. It’ll clear up.”copyright safety157PENANAaLl5TQUZgi

            Damon kissed her and he or she kissed again. Then she pulled away.copyright safety157PENANA3PNWstTiC6

            “Promise me that is eternally,” Elena stated.copyright safety157PENANAW6tJAp7gIA

            “I promise,” Damon replied.copyright safety157PENANAYSmkXgaSfq

            A second later, they had been kissing.copyright safety157PENANAbifYeIs804

*Residence*copyright safety157PENANAfWbIGL7N2P

With out youcopyright safety157PENANAo0HLkF2uyh

I really feel brokecopyright safety157PENANAVJAaHPSaXT

Like I’m half of a completecopyright safety157PENANAecQpVwb2kd

With out youcopyright safety157PENANARIezuyfw3O

I’ve received no hand to carrycopyright safety157PENANAOYyp9fe2qc

With out youcopyright safety157PENANAVEpL4khgmB

I really feel torncopyright safety157PENANAtekHOPg4mk

Like a sail in a stormcopyright safety157PENANATairzsHOu7

With out youcopyright safety157PENANA0qMpbQKt67

I’m only a unhappy trackcopyright safety157PENANA5AlpiafyfB

I’m only a unhappy trackcopyright safety157PENANAT8LczlEg98

With you, I fallcopyright safety157PENANAoazaAK0ke7

It’s like I’m leaving all my previous and silhouettes up on the wallcopyright safety157PENANArjINJ0YYze

With you, I’m a phenomenal messcopyright safety157PENANAzsmlEWGjdQ

It’s like we’re standing hand in hand with all our fears up on the stingcopyright safety157PENANAsB11LBMMW0

So cease time proper right here within the moonlightcopyright safety157PENANAUokCc3Da2c

‘Trigger I don’t ever wanna shut my eyescopyright safety157PENANAoBFLXkHEDU

161Please respect copyright.PENANAIhva6dLOE6
copyright safety157PENANAu5ww6h7T34

161Please respect copyright.PENANAPN3ugFLJxW
copyright safety157PENANATYsdAFhdPj

            It was a dismal evening, as Elena sat in opposition to a pillar in a constructing, sobbing. Damon was useless for good and there was nothing they may do. The spell for these to return again to life that wished to couldn’t be carried out once more.copyright safety157PENANAqeV60SqIw3

            Damon, as a ghost, came visiting and knelt in entrance of her. He rested a hand on the aspect of her face and he or she felt it.copyright safety157PENANAD199xgqF9u

            “Please, don’t depart me,” she sobbed.copyright safety157PENANAK3tdg3SyhI

            “I don’t have a selection,” he replied, although she couldn’t see or hear him. “You’re the perfect factor that ever occurred to me.”copyright safety157PENANASIWNOXGfFc

            A second later, he was gone.copyright safety157PENANAjiesrMJSrT

*As I Lay Dying*copyright safety157PENANAncWQpdUhLc

With out youcopyright safety157PENANAZDVWrKT7Zz

I really feel brokecopyright safety157PENANAkiRyLjlvcN

Like I’m half of a completecopyright safety157PENANAoAZkroxmGj

With out youcopyright safety157PENANAyFXuBoevwd

I’ve received no hand to carrycopyright safety157PENANA4QwWpifKNs

With out youcopyright safety157PENANAxc2wwtV4PB

I really feel torncopyright safety157PENANAnohlSTJ7of

Like a sail in a stormcopyright safety157PENANAlt6RpvaFgY

With out youcopyright safety157PENANA7NaakGEgLu

I’m only a unhappy trackcopyright safety157PENANAR9S9uL2dSq

161Please respect copyright.PENANAnSc7ZwkvRr
copyright safety157PENANAtdUz5j4fZl

161Please respect copyright.PENANANzIiJPvuD9
copyright safety157PENANAe78oht5VJQ

            Damon lay in mattress that evening, dying of a werewolf chunk, Elena seated on his bedside.copyright safety157PENANApBZiKt3NHW

            “You’ll’ve preferred me in 1864,” he instructed her, realizing he’d been a nasty particular person for practically his complete vampire life.copyright safety157PENANAeba8KgsPwr

            “I such as you now,” she replied.copyright safety157PENANAaKyj8QNdLw

            A couple of minutes later, he felt her kiss him. Then she pulled away.copyright safety157PENANA3b83tTxxGe

            “Thank…you,” he replied.copyright safety157PENANAuUqE3aUv0q

            “You’re welcome,” she instructed him.copyright safety157PENANAXabwujmhw8

            Then his sire arrived and cured him.copyright safety157PENANAOAjXEMQbkx

*I Know What You Did Final Summer season*copyright safety157PENANAqOrQsv1n01

You’re the proper melodycopyright safety157PENANAOXcZtGiQYP

The one concord I wanna hearcopyright safety157PENANAYNqhK44In the past

You’re my favourite a part of mecopyright safety157PENANA8GcAxF5y25

With you standing subsequent to mecopyright safety157PENANAAQ3MPxt8ns

I’ve received nothing to worrycopyright safety157PENANAXlfoDZtHAJ

With out youcopyright safety157PENANA5IqiiXXowZ

I really feel brokecopyright safety157PENANAt6QxTG4mOs

Like I’m half of a completecopyright safety157PENANAOMO3ar3E8D

With out youcopyright safety157PENANAnelOwEMt2i

I’ve received no hand to carrycopyright safety157PENANAtwpj4iZ8EN

With out youcopyright safety157PENANABtApxLQApZ

I really feel torncopyright safety157PENANAdNdzBJdndg

Like a sail in a stormcopyright safety157PENANAFGN50RnZ02

With out youcopyright safety157PENANANBvo139RDy

I’m only a unhappy trackcopyright safety157PENANARRl4qXOEk2

161Please respect copyright.PENANAAtWDXdjIXQ
copyright safety157PENANAV0II5IzsIA

161Please respect copyright.PENANAFkJRrIoMdf
copyright safety157PENANAuwb0Ud334G

            It was a phenomenal day. It was the top of summer time and Damon and Elena had been on the sofa making out. She was going away to school, so that they had been spending as a lot time as they may collectively earlier than it was time for her to depart at present.copyright safety157PENANACWyX1YUPDf

*The Extra You Ignore Me, The Nearer I Get*copyright safety157PENANARyfAgkjQN1

With out youcopyright safety157PENANAqhxCirPluU

I really feel brokecopyright safety157PENANA27QA4RzZHc

Like I’m half of a completecopyright safety157PENANAezKu90OsRB

With out youcopyright safety157PENANAuhT1UctJxY

I’ve received no hand to carrycopyright safety157PENANAEA5vb9mK94

With out youcopyright safety157PENANAWoDGSMHGfz

I really feel torncopyright safety157PENANAiJRcKLoevW

Like a sail in a stormcopyright safety157PENANAc9xhEIr1sA

With out youcopyright safety157PENANA5pYJ6RvOyL

I’m only a unhappy trackcopyright safety157PENANAnRue3f0stv

I’m only a unhappy trackcopyright safety157PENANApGFWXkEol7

161Please respect copyright.PENANAd0OWjxMP2q
copyright safety157PENANAZrwYaCPGro

161Please respect copyright.PENANAYCTVgR9zA7
copyright safety157PENANAsOfW3ic3LG

            It was a phenomenal day. Elena was packing some issues in a handbag, when there was a knock on the door, so she stood in entrance of it.copyright safety157PENANAzame6kyLIU

            “Who’s it?” she requested.copyright safety157PENANASImpHw2xdt

            “It’s me. I simply wanna discuss,” Damon replied.copyright safety157PENANAVFhaCktOoe

            “I can’t. Not now.”copyright safety157PENANAvXpRbvbKhU

            “Look, I do know why you probably did what you probably did, however it’s not actual,” he replied, speaking about her having Ric compel away the nice recollections of her. “ what’s actual? The way in which you felt for me. You as soon as instructed me it was essentially the most actual factor you ever felt in your life.”copyright safety157PENANAE9D0zkxBSK

            “These emotions are gone,” she instructed him.copyright safety157PENANA4NqmY2HrR5

            “Come on, Elena. You compelled sufficient folks to understand it’s only a approach of overlaying the reality. Irrespective of how dangerous you need it gone, it doesn’t make it any much less of a lie.”copyright safety157PENANAGm25eeAqYS

            She rested a hand on her aspect of the door and he rested his on his aspect of the door, overlapping the place her hand was.copyright safety157PENANAkD2YDBibda

            “Simply open the door, Elena. All the things can return to the best way it was.”copyright safety157PENANAWhYmEWplnh

            She put her hand down and stepped away.copyright safety157PENANAr3Eu9SJKjH

            He put his hand down.copyright safety157PENANACDlEBZgUat

            “Simply open the door, Elena. Please.”copyright safety157PENANA56L3tp0TLn

            That point, she opened the door, however was gone when he got here in. Subsequent time he tried although, she did open the door and this time she didn’t run off on him.copyright safety157PENANAadrPHAHql1


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