Christian worship songs which are fast to be taught on the guitar; most of them will likely be 3-chord or 4-chord songs, with various strum strategies every. Pondering that it’s a easy instrument, fairly lots of people develop into thinking about studying methods to play the guitar.

Although the reality of the matter is that like every other instrument, studying to play the guitar takes dedication. With time and follow although, you may be strumming and choosing easy rhythms and leads. The simplest technique to be taught, clearly is to begin with newbie pleasant songs. Let’s have a look 30 good ones to begin with.

Listed below are Some Straightforward Christian Guitar Songs

1. Wonderful Grace by Judy Collins

You could find the music Wonderful Grace in plenty of beginner-level guitar books, and for good motive! Printed in 1779 by a person named John Newton, the music talks about redemption and forgiveness.

Since its publication, many variations of the music sung by varied artists have popped up, with singer Judy Collins exhibiting up first in Google search outcomes.

The music offers a considerably unhappy vibe, the place the lyrics are from a first-person standpoint. On this music, you discover forgiveness in God’s heat love, thus the title.

The chords are in the important thing of G, with the three essential chords being G, D, and A7. Tomas Michaud’s strumming follows a 3-count beat with a downward strum.

If you end up on the D chord, strum downwards from the fourth string all the way in which to the primary. For the G chord, you strum downwards ranging from the sixth string. Lastly, the A7 word may be strummed from both the sixth string or the fifth string (as a bass word).

2. Wonderful Love by Hillsong Worship

It is a worship music praising God and His wonderful love. The lyrics describe how being liked by God is extremely life-changing, whereas the refrain speaks about spreading God’s like to the world, the wonders of His creation, and honoring Him.

Hillsong Worship launched the music with the choice title “You Are My King” in Wonderful Love, their fifth album. Produced by Darlene Zschech, this album was launched in 2002, below the style “Modern Christian Music”.

A simplified, but close-sounding model of the music is performed with solely three chords: G, A, and D. The music additionally follows a 4/Four time, and there are two distinct strumming patterns for the verse and refrain every. Within the tutorial beneath, all of the strings are hit in the course of the downward strum, whereas just some are hit in the course of the upward strum. The music doesn’t require a capo, however you would possibly want a guitar decide to make it much less painful in your fingers.

3. Battle Hymn of The Republic by Julia Ward Howe

Composed and printed in 1861, this music is wealthy in historical past, because it was considered within the time of the Civil Battle. The lyrics allude to the judgment of God as instructed within the Bible, connecting it to the conflict the nation was going through. Later into the music, the lyrics additionally sing about being modified by the glory and sentence of the Lord, saying that because the Lord died to make males holy, so ought to males battle to free these oppressed.

The music offers off a sense of triumph and patriotism, as it’s a cheerful reward music of the wrath of God upon evil.

Within the tutorial by MunsonCovers on YouTube, the music follows chords G and C, with the strumming of Am and D once in a while. Since it’s an upbeat music, the strumming is a bit quick. However, you don’t have to fret as a result of the word adjustments aren’t, as every line principally sticks to the G word.

4. Who You Say I Am by Hillsong Worship

The music mainly expresses being a toddler of God, and the way the singer leaves God to resolve who they’re as an individual. It celebrates God as He frees the singer from being a slave to sin, bringing His beloved youngster again house. The refrain sings about Jesus, the Son of God, saying whoever He declares is free is really free from the grasp of sin.

The music is a part of the Hillsong Worship album “There may be Extra”, launched in 2018, and composed by songwriters Reuben Morgan and Ben Fielding. It has been nominated for the Billboard Music Award for Prime Christian Track, and extra.

Who You Say I Am is one other easy-to-learn worship music because it solely has a 4-chord development, that are G, Em, C, and D. The music is in 6/8, so the strumming follows a 6-count sample. Katie Denure of One Music College on YouTube supplies an in-depth tutorial of the music, beginning with finger placement for every chord and strumming.

5. Come, Christians, Be part of to Sing

This conventional worship music composed by Christian Bateman primarily sings in regards to the neighborhood of Christians coming collectively to do the easy act of extolling the Lord. It invitations Christians who’ve the potential to collect with each other and laud Him earlier than His throne.

Although it’s not precisely tremendous buoyant, the music does incite a cheerful feeling. Could or not it’s due to the invitation to go along with mates and fellow kids of God in adoration, or the easy admiration of God’s wonders. It’s a really brief music with three verses, however nonetheless, attempt to exert all of your effort into studying this one!

The music follows a 3-chord development, which is like a lot of the different songs on the checklist. The three chords are G, D, and A, however for a lot of the first line, you’ll discover your self switching between G and D. The strumming varies for every chord, in order that’s sure to be relatively tough!

6. How Deep the Father’s Love for Us by Stewart Townend

The music is a brief 3-verse music that primarily talks in regards to the sacrifice Jesus made for us by permitting Himself to be nailed on the cross. The singer is basically proclaiming how God loves us a lot that He would give up His beloved Son to ship us from trespasses. Near the tip of the music, the lyrics discuss not with the ability to boast about any worldly possessions — resembling energy or presents — however in being liked by God and stored from sin.

This was written by Stewart Townend and launched in 1990 as a part of his album entitled “Say the Phrase”. It’s out there on Spotify and Deezer below the style “Christian/Gospel”.

The music is performed on the guitar in the important thing of D, with its chord development being: D, G, A, and Bm. It’s in ¾ time, which form of makes the strumming a little bit troublesome to observe. Nonetheless, the music isn’t too quick, so that you received’t really feel rushed. It’s good follow if you wish to tackle a little bit extra problem as a newbie guitarist!

7. For the Great thing about The Earth by John Rutter

For the Great thing about the Earth by John Rutter is a gradual and simple worship music about God’s creations. The three essential issues the music is grateful for is: The Lord’s creation of Earth, time and wonder, and people and love. Every verse of the music besides the refrain acknowledges this stuff.

The music was initially a poem written by Folliot Pierpoint in 1864. Pierpoint was impressed to write down the poem, as he cherished the view of his native metropolis (Tub, Somerset). The music is peaceable, which makes it one thing I’d wish to hearken to as I take walks at night time or daybreak, appreciating all that’s round me.

That is performed in the important thing of D, which makes use of the chords D, G, and A. Every line of the music could demand you to alter chords considerably swiftly, however sometimes follows a downward strum that begins from the sixth string.

8. 10, 000 Causes Bless the Lord by Matt Redman

10, 000 Causes is a music about touting the Lord for His greatness, regardless of all that one could encounter. It’s plainly about worshipping God and His identify, for each single day and impediment one could face. Later into the music, you’ll discover some allusions to the Ebook of Psalms. 10, 000 Causes is entitled as such as a result of there are 10, 000 causes (and much more) to reward the glory of God.

The music was composed by Matt Redman and launched within the album “Spirit & Track: Disc M”, which is obtainable on Spotify and Deezer, below the style “Christian/Gospel”. Regardless of not being cheery, the 2013 reward music makes me really feel like I’m hovering, and that I can do all issues by means of Christ.

That is performed with the 4 chords C, G, D, and Em, which is able to name so that you can change between them rapidly round each two seconds. The strumming follows a fast tempo as nicely, with the sample “down, down, up, down” hitting each string. After you’ve mastered the first chords, you may strive studying this to follow your chord switching.

9. How Agency a Basis

The music is a traditional hymn, whereby for essentially the most half, it appears as if God Himself is speaking to each you and different listeners. The primary verse discusses discovering shelter in God’s persevering love. The subsequent verses could sound like coming from the Bible itself, whereby God speaks by means of the singer, however they’re merely an interpretation of what God would say to his followers as they face their checks with Him, their creator.

This offers an assuring and inspiring vibe, because it principally exalts God’s omnipotence. It’s a kind of church songs that you’d most likely hear from a neighborhood parish or film scene, the place the individuals look very joyful singing it.

Performed in D main, the music requires you to position a capo on the third fret. The 4 chords the music performs are D, G, A, and Bm, with D/F# as a bass word. The music’s performed with a plucking model, which principally hits the fifth string with the thumb and people beneath it with the opposite fingers.

10. Construct My Life by Housefires

Housefires sings in regards to the prominence and incomparability of Jesus of their music “Construct My Life”. Early on, the lyrics speak about hailing God of being worthy of all the pieces Christians do. The music revolves across the line “There isn’t any one like You”, revealing how God’s the very best amongst all issues seen and unseen. Later into the music, Housefires sings about letting God take management of your life, as He’s a robust and loving information.

Don’t be too fearful or disillusioned after I say that the music’s performed on 5 chords as a result of the tempo isn’t too fast for novices. The chords for this music are E, A2, Bsus, C#m, and F#m. The strumming sample follows an 8-beat sample, whereby you strum downwards for eight counts with an upward “and” on the finish. Though this music could appear complicated to take a look at, I promise you that it’s applicable for novices and a simple Christian guitar music.

11. I Sing the Mighty Energy of God by Isaac Watts

That is one other delicate worship music that praises the miracles of God’s creations. They’re enumerated one after the other in every line, with the underside line stating that they’re solely fruits of God’s mighty energy, therefore the title. By the Lord’s command, magnificence and all these in nature is created, and below His care.

Isaac Watts initially composed the music in 1715 for youngsters. Now, I steadily hear this music as part of a church choir’s quantity. The music typically will get me to suppose again to the great thing about nature, particularly when it’s sung with mushy, angelic voices.

The music is performed principally with the three chords C, F, and G, whereas the chords A and D make occasional appearances within the chord chart. It’s performed with a plucking model, too, which finally plucks all strings. The music has a reasonable tempo, so you may catch as much as it with ease.

12. Right here I Am to Worship by Tim Hughes

Right here I Am to Worship is a music about aggrandizing Jesus’ coming to Earth to save lots of His individuals from sin. The music focuses on what the approaching of Jesus, a King worthy of many acclaims, has performed for the singer. The bridge highlights the ache of His atonement, saying that going by means of that’s an unimaginable feat. The refrain of the songs calls to the singer and listeners alike to worship and bow down earlier than the Lord.

The 2001 music was launched below Tim Hughes’ debut album “Right here I Am to Worship”. It seems like a love music, which certainly it’s, albeit being one devoted to God.

Fortunate for you, this music is performed solely with the three chords: C, G, and F! The music additional follows a driving strum sample, which is a 4-beat strum sample with 4 downward strums, and an up strum as an after-beat 4.

13. How Nice is Our God by Chris Tomlin

How Nice is Our God is one other Christian worship music that evidently glorifies God. For a lot of the music, Chris Tomlin makes use of metaphors to emphasise the grandeur of God. He personifies God as being wrapped in gentle which the darkness fears, whereas God’s additionally metaphorically the Lion, with His Son, Jesus, being the Lamb.

The music was launched as part of Tomlin’s album “Arriving”; the identical album achieved a #1 spot on Billboard’s Sizzling Christian Songs chart. The intro makes it sound prefer it’s a rock music, however as Tomlin begins to sing, you’ll end up easing as much as his voice and the softness of the melody.

The music’s performed in the important thing of G with 4 chords: G, C, Em, and D/F#. Like Right here I Am to Worship by Tim Hughes, the music nonetheless follows a driving sample. The music’s not too swift, so switching between chords will likely be easy when you’ve mastered the basic chords.

14. Jesus Loves Me by Anna Bartlett Warner

Jesus Loves Me is a very clear music about Jesus’ love for youths. The music talks about Jesus’ love manifested within the Bible, whereby He claims that kids are heirs to God’s kingdom. At first, the music could give the impression of a music made just for kids, however deeper evaluation would inform you that it’s additionally about us being shielded from transgression by Jesus, as we’re weak the place He’s robust, and He’ll wash away our wrongdoings as we wait by Heaven’s gate as kids of God.

Given its gentle temper and mushy tune, nobody would suppose that it was a music made for a dying youngster. I, too, was shocked after I came upon, as its historical past originating from a poem written to a dying youngster is very morbid.

The music’s performed with solely three chords: G, C, and D. It’s gradual as nicely, with an easy-to-catch strumming sample. You’ll end up enjoying it prefer it’s a easy nursery rhyme very quickly!

15. Joyful, Joyful, We Adore Thee by Henry J. Van Dyke

The message of the music is comparatively clear, because it’s an accolade to the immense eminence of God. It communicates about being joyful whereas singing devotions to the Lord, the place his lovely works are enumerated in every verse, whereas likewise being adopted as metaphors and personifications of the Christians.

Whereas I used to be listening to the music, it sounded extraordinarily just like the music “Ode to Pleasure”. So, I did a little bit digging and wasn’t too shocked when I discovered that the composer, Henry Van Dyke, wrote the poem with the intention to musically set it to the “Ode to Pleasure” of Ludwig Van Beethoven. The music’s very cheerful and sounds as it’s entitled: joyful!

The music’s performed with the 5 chords G, D, C, B, and Em. It’s loads, however switching between these isn’t an excessive amount of of a problem, because the music isn’t too quick. Moreover, the strumming follows an an identical sample to Jesus Loves Me, so studying that will assist.

16. Leaning on The Eternal Arms by Anthony Showalter

The music composed by Showalter expresses the protection of being embraced within the arms of the Lord. A lot of the lyrics are metaphorical, whereby the singer finds happiness and peace when he leans on the eternal arms. It seems that it had been written to indicate that every one as a result of he trusted within the Lord, the singer has discovered nothing however happiness in his life.

Showalter was impressed to write down the music when he acquired a letter from two of his pupils. In each pupils’ letters, they inform their former instructor that their wives have died, and in reply, Showalter consoled them with the phrases from the Ebook of Deuteronomy.

The music’s performed with the chord household of G main, particularly chords G, C, and D, in that particular development. The strumming sample isn’t too disparate from a lot of the songs which have already been talked about, however the strumming for every word differs. Take a while to be taught this, as it may be fast.

17. Cornerstone by Hillsong Worship

Cornerstone is a music about having Jesus and His love as the inspiration of 1’s life. The cornerstone is used as a metaphor for basis, the place the singer, as a construction, is feeble with out it. Extra metaphors are current within the music, like Jesus being an anchor to the ship (the singer) in a storm. Nevertheless, the primary message of the story is that one can discover themselves strengthened by dwelling on the love and Phrase of God.

The music was launched in 2012 below the Hillsong album “Eternally Reign”, and may be discovered on Spotify and Deezer below the style “Christian/Gospel”. The music has a really emotional really feel to it. As I listened to the music, I spotted that I’d even be powerless with nothing to imagine in.

The music’s performed in the important thing of C with 4 notes: C, F, Am, G. The strumming sample for this music isn’t too troublesome, because it principally consists of downward strums, however the depth of the strums relies on which a part of the music you’re in.

18. Nearer, My God, To Thee by Sarah Flower Adams

The music by Sarah Adams describes experiencing God. It’s not like different songs that worship God due to the nice issues, because it tells about changing into nearer to God in instances of darkness. I feel it’s a beautiful Christian music about religion and struggling, as a result of our love and religion in God is examined in instances the place we really feel deserted, and that’s one thing not generally sung about.

The music was impressed by the Bible story of Jacob’s dream, whereby he dreamt of Heaven, and earlier than it was a ladder whereupon angels would ascend and descend. A whole lot of speculations have come up saying that the music’s about encountering God within the darkest time any of us may undergo going through dying. The music’s remarkably solemn, making it eerie and soothing on the identical time.

It’s performed solely with the three chords G, D, and C. Following an unhurried tempo, the strumming sample is “down, down-up, up, down-up”. You’ll absolutely have a simple time with this!

19. Holy Spirit by Bryan and Katie Tolwart

The music mainly speaks about welcoming the Holy Spirit into one’s coronary heart and life, the place the singers reveal how they discovered no sweeter love than within the presence of the Lord. The entire music is only inviting the Holy Spirit to enter the singers’ lives and information them.

The music was launched in 2012 with Bryan and Katie’s intention of composing new songs for his or her small church. Subsequently, they had been very joyful that their music had been utilized in many church buildings as worship and therapeutic songs. I have to admit, the music does make me really feel uplifted, because it has a considerably rock music really feel to it as nicely.

The music’s performed in the important thing of G, with 5 of the chords being G, C, D, Am, and G/B. The strumming follows a swift but uncomplicated sample, and that’s very good so that you can see if on a regular basis you’ve spent in your guitar would repay.

20. The Previous Rugged Cross by George Bennard

The music tells in regards to the cross that Jesus was nailed on as a logo of religion and hope, which is the best one to many Christians. Later into the music, the lyrics set up the cross because the anchor of 1’s actions all through life, and till the day one meets their journey’s finish, in trade for the dominion of God.

Composed in 1912, Bennard was impressed to supply the music after going through a horrible time in his life, forcing him to mirror on Christ’s very personal struggling on the cross. The music has a noticeably reasonable melody accompanied by a soothing voice, which makes it sound loads like a rustic music to me.

The music’s performed with the three chords G, C, and D, with easy chord switches. The strumming sample’s gradual, with an alternating upward and downward strum hitting the sixth string all the way in which to first, and vice versa.

21. Rock of Ages by Augustus Toplady

Rock of Ages is a profoundly brief music about surrendering oneself to the cross to be cleansed of sin. The music is kind of arduous to decipher, however the concept I personally get from it’s that one ought to humble themselves earlier than the cross, as there’s nothing extra that they’ll provide.

The music’s believed to have been composed one night when the preacher Augustus Toplady was caught climbing a gorge in the midst of a storm. Whereas the storm was raging, he took shelter in a spot within the gorge, the place he was struck with the lyrics and scribbled them down. I feel the music sounds superb and nostalgic, because it’s sung with the same model to oldies you hear in cartoon motion pictures.

The music’s performed with the three fundamental chords G, C, and D/F#. The D chord may be performed because the common D, as D/F# is wholly a variation to make the music sound a little bit bit higher. The strumming follows a drive sample, which once more, has a 4 downward strum with an upward after-beat after the fourth strum.

22. Savior, Like A Shepherd Lead Us by Dorothy Ann Trupp

The music revolves across the metaphor of Jesus being the shepherd main His followers as a flock of sheep. It’s admitting that the singer and different devotees are unsteady and misplaced with out the steering of the Lord. The lyrics are principally about being like a toddler who’s defenseless towards sin and in nice want of Jesus’ love.

The lyrics had been written by Dorothy Ann Trupp and the music was composed by William Bradbury. The music was launched as a part of a hymnbook for youngsters in 1836. I truthfully suppose that it appears like one other typical historic music, but it surely does nonetheless make really feel issues after I actually get into it.

The music is playable with three chords: G, C, and D. The chord change occurs at each line, however then once more, every line is sung slowly and solemnly, so it received’t be too laborious to catch up. Not like the opposite songs, it will necessitate a plucking model with a sample. Even when that’s the case, don’t fret about making an attempt to be taught this, as a result of it may be relatively anxious for those who power your self!

23. Stand Up, Stand Up for Jesus by George Duffield Jr.

The music asks all followers of Jesus to abide in Him and battle the darkness that threatens Christianity. It calls forth His followers to behave as troopers of Christ with the mission to conquer evil. Moreover, the music additionally tells the followers that relying on one’s personal power is not going to get them anyplace, however counting on Jesus will defend them from evil and help to find the glory of the Kingdom of God.

This was impressed by Duffield’s affiliate Dudley Tyng, who spoke towards the slavery difficulty in 1858. The title was taken from Tyng’s final phrases, the place he requested his fellow Christians to battle for what’s proper. I feel that the music sounds loads like a battle music as an alternative of a hymn, which matches completely with its message and historical past!

The music’s performed with three chords: A, D, and E. You may add a variation to E, making it Esus, however that’s solely to enhance its sound. The music’s fairly gradual as nicely, so the chord switches aren’t too quick. The strumming sample consists principally of downward strums, however after-beat upward strums may be essential to seamlessly play the music.

24. Lord I Elevate Your Title on Excessive by MercyMe

It’s a actually terse music (two verses repeated for 3 minutes) about praising the Lord. The second verse, nonetheless, features a considerably thanksgiving to Jesus for sacrificing Himself to save lots of His individuals.

The music was launched in 1996 by the band Mercy Me, below their album “Traces of Rain, Quantity 1”. No matter sounding like a standard worship music, it uplifts me, in all probability as a result of MercyMe sang it in such a harmonious method.

All through the music, you’ll be enjoying 4 chords (G, C, D, and Em), however one chord will solely be performed as soon as (Em). The strumming requires you to strum the chords twice, however you may nonetheless add an after-beat strum to make the music sound extra nice.

25. Buying and selling My Sorrows by Darrell Evans

“Buying and selling My Sorrows” is a quick music with the unmistakable theme of surrendering all the pieces to the Lord. The music principally communicates laying down all of 1’s hardships in entrance of the Lord — giving one’s self to the Lord and trusting in Him. His youngster returning will surely make Him joyful.

Darrell Evans launched the music in 2002 with the document label Vertical Music. The music’s notably constructive, which doesn’t make me really feel distressed about admitting that I’ve my very own troubles and am surrendering them to Him.

The music’s performed with the chords: G, C, Em, and D. These are repetitive, and the music’s quick, so you should use it as a check to the abilities you’ve discovered! On the finish of the music, you’ll be enjoying the F chord, too. However, don’t fret, because it doesn’t present up a lot. The G and Em chords will want you to strum downwards and upwards, whereas C and D will likely be performed with one or two downward strums.

26. You Stated by Hillsong Worship

The music tells of all that Jesus guarantees those that observe him faithfully: salvation. It circulates across the Gospel verses that recount all that Jesus will grant to those that will ask.

Hillsong launched it as a monitor on their album “By Your Aspect”. The music sounds upbeat and a tad bit like rock music (which is a identified model of Hillsong Worship, as they modernize worship songs). Each time I’ll hear this being performed; I’ll sing my coronary heart out with a lot enthusiasm!

The chords to this music are C, D, Em, and F#. It follows a 4-beat depend, so the strumming sample for it principally alternates between downward and upward strokes. Even when the music’s upbeat, you may nonetheless simply sustain with a lot follow.

27. Whom Shall I Concern by Chris Tomlin

This invitations Christians to rely upon the power of the Lord, who, being all-powerful, can crush any enemy He faces. It’s written in such a method that the singer’s relationship is past that of a easy follower of God; he considers God as a buddy who will win battles for him.

Chris Tomlin launched the music in 2012 as part of his seventh studio album “Burning Lights”. It reached the 10th spot in Billboard’s US Christian Songs. The music sounds a bit like a mellow rock music, as most modern Christians songs do, although it nonetheless does make me need to scream the lyrics into the air in worship!

The music’s performed with 4 chords from the G chord household, that are G, C, Em, and D/F#. The strumming sample’s a driving one, with a 4-beat depend. There are 4 downward strums, with an after-beat upward strum after the fourth strum.

28. What A Buddy We Have in Jesus by Joseph Scriven

The music’s composed of 4 verses that convey the message of discovering peace in following Jesus. It advises followers to by no means be discouraged and lay all our troubles earlier than Him, as He’s one who will carry us and make our burdens lighter.

Scriven initially wrote the hymn as a poem to console his dying mom in 1855. After publishing it anonymously, Charles Converse organized the tune to the music in 1868. The music sounds gentle and comforting, which makes it one thing I’d hearken to whereas taking a drive in my automobile.

The chord’s performed with the three chords of the C chord household, that are C, F/C, and the G chord. F/C is only a variation of the standard F chord (which you’ll be able to select to play), because it makes switching between chords simpler. The strumming of the music follows a people sample with 4 downward strums, and upward strums after the third and fourth downward strums.

29. Once I Survey the Wondrous Cross by Kathryn Scott

The music revolves across the image of hope for many Christians: the cross on which Jesus died. With solely 4 verses in complete, it’s a concise music about experiencing and reflecting on all that occurred to Jesus on the cross, which nothing on the planet can ever examine to.

The music was initially composed by Isaac Watts as a poem. And whereas many artists have taken it upon themselves to make lovely covers of the music, I used to be totally captured by Kathryn Scott’s model, as she sings it so earnestly along with her angelic voice — one thing I’d doubtless chill out to.

The music’s performed with fundamental chords D, Em, A, and G. It has a really gradual tempo, so that you received’t end up having an issue maintaining with the chord switching and strumming sample.

The music consists of 4 slow-paced verses. The that means of the music is stark, because it’s a tribute to the love that God has to supply for all people who observe Him. Discovering peace and pleasure within the love of Christ, the singer discovers that there’s no purer love prefer it.

The music was launched in 2003 within the album “Casting Crowns”. It’s out there on Spotify and Deezer below the style “Christian/Gospel”. The tempo of the music prompted me to really feel serene, which is strictly what the singer’s making an attempt to attain with the message of the music.

The music may be performed two methods — one for superior gamers, and the opposite for novices. For novices, the music may be performed with 4 chords: G, C, Em, and D. The tutorial for the novices begins at 4:40, however the tutor reveals you the superior enjoying technique within the first half of the video.

Wrap up:

That does it for this checklist, if you recognize of any straightforward Christian guitar songs that aren’t on this checklist, let me and everybody else know within the feedback beneath!

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