I learn
Haseeb Drabu’s article `What’s GK telling and never telling us’ (GK edit-page
April 26). Disagreement aside, I really like his writings and the best way he phrases his
argument. However this one was a tragic exception. In contrast to his ordinary coherent,
profound, well-structured natural model of writing the place a reader flows with
the prose, this one was too messy to clarify what means what. Although the model
was intact, however the substance was lacking. As a substitute of scripting this piece, he
might have served us higher by not writing it. As his common reader and
admirer, I discover it arduous to say however that’s the solely manner I can say it.

The creator
isn’t proud of GK information editors for not putting the statements in keeping with
their newsworthiness. Whose assertion ought to have appeared on which web page and
who merited a wider house than whom, is a desk emergency met on the desk
itself. I’m not right here to clarify on behalf of the involved desk, however as a
widespread reader (and as a scholar of journalism), I consider that the
newsworthiness varies from editor to reader. And who can perceive it higher
than Haseeb. However studying unusually an excessive amount of from a routine placement of stories
gadgets is elevating a degree that’s no level in any respect. Virtually talking,
carrying all Ramzan greetings on the entrance web page might push the rattling COVID to
the web page subsequent. (And COVID hogs more room than all of the presidents and prime ministers
of the world put collectively.) In an irregular time like this, many newsworthy
issues are taking place directly. Could also be Haseeb himself on the desk would have carried out
the identical as GK has carried out, however that doesn’t deny him the precise to disagree with
the editorial prerogative of the newspaper. Such feedback might be made on any
information story positioned anyplace in any newspaper. `Much less necessary’ and `extra
necessary’, is sort of a voltage fluctuation which may’t be fastened for all.  If GK would have carried the statements
precisely the best way he ranks their significance, the opposite reader may need raised
the identical factors as he has. Each could have their respective arguments to defend
their level. However that’s not my level. My level is was the difficulty that grave to
advantage a response like this. Does the mere protection of 1 explicit day
decide the significance of politicians for a reader. I couldn’t discover a solution
after studying the entire thing.

My focus is
not the piece, however the tailpiece. Although there is no such thing as a logical hyperlink between the
tail and the physique, however I take tail as a separate unit. There he has stated
one thing he has been saying all alongside and I’ve been opposing all alongside. He
sees Kashmir as a particular tradition which should stay uncontaminated by something
he calls `alien’. To make that occur, we should insulate and isolate our
cultural cave from all coughs and sneezes of the individuals exterior. Tradition isn’t
a quarantine we keep in to guard ourselves from exterior influences. Tradition
is a window we depart open to let the contemporary air are available in and exit. No society
stays stainlessly clear from different influences. The language borders are too
porous to be protected against infiltration of phrases. (This deserves an unbiased
dialogue. Come one other day).

However I do know
that and your fear is past it. Your fear is that we’re getting
Arabised as if it might trigger us a cultural extinction. As if we could lose our
`uniqueness’ which greater than a cultural asset has develop into a political
slogan.  By the best way how is greeting on
the eve of Ramzan  alien to us? Ramzan is
suffixed with Mubarak.  So the month by
its very title sends a way of celebration. Now the purpose that in your
childhood you might have seen individuals 
exchanging greetings on eid solely. That’s not as a result of they wouldn’t
greet one another on Ramzan. Don’t neglect the welcome songs referred to as rouf which
womenfolk would sing on the arrival of the holy month. Their tune was an
announcement of a month-long competition. Since we didn’t have such quick,
ubiquitous and complicated technique of communication these days, so the
greetings had been confined to the private conferences solely. Muslims gathering in a
mosque on the eve of Ramzan would warmly greet one another because the month isn’t
nearly `non secular time of reflection’, 
it’s a month of sharing bliss. Folks wouldn’t withdraw from the bustle
of life and worship like monks, they might do all of it collectively and that’s what
made it a `group affair’. So don’t say this all wasn’t there. It was, however
within the absence of a highlight it wasn’t as flashy because it’s at this time. In the meantime it’s
not simply right here that folks would cry that `mah-i-ramzan is getting over. It’s
all over the place.  You haven’t seen it
elsewhere by no means signifies that it doesn’t occur elsewhere.

You aren’t
snug with `Ramzan Kareem’. I too am not, I too select to name it Mah-i-Ramzan.
That sounds nearer, simpler and more-so that’s our personal manner of naming the month.
However what’s `our’ on this. If we’re fanatically acutely aware of our personal homebred,
homespun phrasing, the origin of the phrase `Mah’ will disappoint us. `Mah’
figures nowhere within the lexicon my grandfather has gifted me as a relic of
Kashmiri language and tradition. This phrase comes from Persian and Persian isn’t
`our’ manner of naming issues. Likewise we name our late night prayers `Khuftan’
so why ought to we change it with a worldwide equal `Isha’. However `Khuftan’
once more is Persian which implies `to sleep’. If we see Isha as a cross-border
intruder, Khuftan too is a overseas physique slipping into our pores and skin. Our names have
Arabic or Persian origins. Your title, my title. Lets then rename ourselves
to suit properly in our so referred to as sub-national slot. Then in chaste, pristine,
honey-pure Kashmiri cultural lingo, Sultan is Sulle, Gul is Gulle, Raheem is Rahime,
Kareem is Karime. As a tribute to our `distinctive’ tradition, let’s start this charity
and molest our names first. Such as you, I too love my mother-tongue, nevertheless it’s not
my fetish. Such as you, my attachment with my tradition is emotional, nevertheless it’s not

I don’t
consider within the superiority of 1 language over the opposite. Languages are an
evolutionary reality with no badge of distinction hooked up to any explicit
language. I gained’t thoughts finding out Hindi or Sanskrit as a curious scholar of
languages. However language as an educational endeavour is completely different from language as
a political undertaking. Why be apologetic in accepting that we’re culturally,
linguistically and traditionally linked to what you name alien. And what actually
is alien for us isn’t the Arabisation, it’s the Hinduisation which doesn’t
symbolize alienation solely, which symbolizes aggression first. Surprise why are we
silent on that.  Former nonetheless defines us
within the bigger paradigm, latter is not only unfamiliar however coercive. It’s not
simply altering our language, it’s altering our DNA as a nation, as a individuals. And
if you’re actually severe in defending the `uniqueness’, it must be
protected right here. Regardless of we name it `aekher jumah’ or jumat-ul-vida, it gained’t
change something in us. However when our historical past is hijacked and introduced to our
generations in a massacred type, that pains. If Arabisation or Persianisation
is `opposite to our tradition’, Hinduisation is opposite to our collective esteem
as a nation. If Arabisation dilutes our tradition, Hinduisation threatens our
survival. (Want you do a bit on that.) If Hindi merges with our Kashmiri expression,
we name it acculturation. But when Urdu or Arabic or Persian echoes the faintest,
we name it `cultural imperialism’. There we communicate Hindi to appease a politician
in Delhi, however right here we maintain our tradition uninfected from an Arab virus.

We dwell in a
land the place beef shopping for legally earns you imprisonment and socially
mob-lynching. If we actually stand for an open society, why be selectively
secular and selectively apologetic. The dismantling of our cultural, spiritual
and historic establishments is a far graver concern than catching somebody
red-handed Arabising a phrase.

We stand
stripped with not even a fig leaf to cover our nakedness. Not simply our identification,
our self, our soul, our life isn’t ours. That calls for telling and what calls for
not-telling is that this adulteration of Kashmiri language and tradition which – to my
thoughts – is simply too trivial to burn your mental gas on. Why ought to a minor
rash trouble us, when homicide goes unnoticed.

Arab-ising our names provides grace to them as they circulation from the basis. Hindi-fying
them does the reverse. A small story. Announcing `j’ as `z’ when a person from
Delhi  pronounced my title Ajaz as Azaz,
my good friend Jaleel stated `don’t thoughts, it occurs’. When the identical violence was carried out
to his title the outcome was worse. He was referred to as Zaleel. Then I instructed him, `don’t
thoughts, it occurs’.

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