Girls’s Rights, Points & Suffragette Voting Rights Tune Lyrics

A New Jail Tune, 1918

A New Suffrage Tune, William Hussy Macy, 1884

One other Star, Charlotte Perkins Gilman, 1911

Anthem: Worldwide Girls Garment Staff’ Union, Emily Brown High quality, earlier than 1937

Ballad of a Working Mom, Marilyn Main

Ballad of the Triangle Fireplace, Ruth Rubin, 1911

Columbia’s Daughters, Harriet H. Robinson, 1888

Dare You Do It?, Henry W. Roby, 1909

Daughters of Freedom, The Poll Be Yours, George Cooper, 1871

Ev’ry One in Favor Say “Aye”, Jack Norworth, 1911

Fifty-9 Cents, Fred Small, 1981

Freedom’s Anthem, Henry W. Roby, 1909

Give The Poll To The Moms, Rebecca N. Hazard, 1913

Going To The Polls, Julia B. Nelson, 1884

Hallelujah Tune, L. Might Wheeler, c. 1800’s

Human Equality, William Lloyd Garrison, 1871

I am a Suffragette, M. Olive Drennen, 1912

I am Gonna Be An Engineer, Peggy Seeger, 1970

Simply As Effectively as He, Adella Hunt Logan, 1912

Preserve Lady In Her Sphere, D. Estabrook, c. 1880’s

Let Us Go Free, Charlotte Perkins Gilman, 1913

Madmen Or Fools, Henry W. Roby, 1909

Marching on to Victory, Schuyler Greene, 1913

Oh, Expensive, What can the Matter Be?, L. Might Wheeler , 1884

Peace to the World, Charlotte Perkins Gilman, 1913

Please Tip Your Waitress, Willie Sordill, 1978

Rights of Lady, 1795

Shall Girls Vote?, Joseph D. Payne, 1881

She’s Good Sufficient To Be Your Child’s Mom, Alfred Bryan, 1916

Tune for the Trico Girls Staff, 1976

Tune of the Home League, Virginia Brodine, 1939

Tune of Wyoming, Julia Mills Dunn, c. 1890’s

Songs of Equal Suffrage, Charlotte Perkins Gilman, 1911

Suffrage March, Lucenia Richards, 1914

Suffrage Tune (Let Us Sing As We Go), James Weber Linn, 1915

That Sufragette, Pauline R. Browne, 1913

The Anti-Suffrage Rose, Phil Hanna, 1915

The Woman Query, Joe Hill, 1913

The March of the Girls, Ethel Smyth, 1914

The New America, Elizabeth Boynton Harbert, 1891

The Promised Land, Elizabeth Boynton Harbert, 1871

The Insurgent Woman, Joe Hill, 1915

The Suffrage Flag, William P. Adkinson, 1884

The Taxation Tyranny, Normal E. Estabrook, 1897

The White Slave, Joe Hill, 1912

The Girls are Coming, Charlotte Perkins Gilman, 1913

The Yellow Ribbon, Marie Le Baron, 1876

Uncle Sam’s Marriage ceremony, L. Might Wheeler, 1884

Vote It Proper Alongside, John W. Hutchinson (household singers), 1869

Votes for Girls, Mary Louise Carleton, c. 1910’s

Votes for Girls, Suffrage Rallying Tune, Edward M. Zimmerman, 1915

We’re Tenting Tonight, 1917

Profitable the Vote, Mrs. A.B. Smith, 1912

Lady This and Lady That, Lawrence Housman, 1911

Womans Rights, Kate Horn, 1853 (anti)

You’d Higher Be Good To Them Now, William Tracy & Jack Stern, 1918

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