Hello there…these days i have been actually into actually lovely, however actually unhappy and tragic items off ost’s (and no im not a depresso or something ^^)…i’ve a good assortment already, however have been listening to the identical items over n over once more…the very last thing i wanna do is conflict out the great thing about these items and was questioning if u man may possibly…i dunno, give me ur prime 5 saddest ost items? or ones alongside the strains of the examples right here (NOT in any explicit order of enjoyment ^^), those with stars are those i like most out of all ^^:
1. Coffey on the mile- Inexperienced Mile ost***
2. Manner of the sword- Final Samurai ost***
3. Tears within the sand- Finish of the spear ost (VERY RARE however 10/10)
4. Corynorhinus- Batman Begins ost***
5. F.U.B- Fortunate # Slevin ost
6. Ghosts- Street to Perdition ost
7. Journey to the line- Skinny Pink Line ost***
8. Execution-Bannockburn- Braveheart ost
9. Sorrow- Gladiator ost
10. Brian eno- An ending/Ascent- Apollo 13 ost
11. To the stars- Dragonheart ost***
12. Gray Havens- LOTR: Return of the King ost***
13. Prize of 1’s life- Lovely Thoughts ost
14. Remembering Childhood- Hook ost
15. Finale- Sunshine ost (unreleased)
16. This land- Lion King ost
17. Everytime you contact the ice- Mighty Geese III ost
18. Rose- Titanic
19. The Final- Tae Guk Gi ost (VERY RARE however 10/10)
20. One Day- Pirates-Caribbean: World’s Finish ost
21. Danilov’s Confession- Enemy on the Gates ost
22. Adagio for strings- Platoon ost

23. These courageous irishman- Gods & Generals ost
24. Amon Hen (second half)- LOTR: Fellowship of the Rings ost
25. Anakin’s Betrayel- Star wars III-Revenge of Sith ost ***
26. The Burning Bush- The Prince of Egypt ost
27. Mary goes to Jesus- The fervour of the christ ost***
28. Crucifixion- The fervour of the christ ost
29. Protected by angels- Babe, pig within the metropolis ost (RARE)
30. Love Theme- Armageddon ost***
31. Launch- Armageddon ost
32. Epitaph to war- Glory ost
33. Murphy’s Physique- Ghostship ost
34. Calm after the storm- The alamo ost
35. Ultimate departure- We have been troopers ost
36. Solely the start of the adventure- Narnia: LTWATW ost
37. The Nice Eatlon- Woman within the water ost
38. Finish Credit- Woman within the water ost***
39. These we do not communicate of- The village ost
40. All of them!- King Arthur ost***

…*phew*…thats sufficient, i ought to cease now…….now, i do know thats a reasonably….’detailed’ instance checklist…however are there any items (most associated to those with stars) amongst these many ost’s that i’ve missed value grabbing? PLEASE assist me, i dont wanna bore myself of the identical music…any concepts?

PS: u know of any items that get into that……tranquil, celestial temper? loads of strings….i cant actually clarify it…right here…on youtube, search up Manner of the sword- Final Samurai ost, and journey to the line-Skinny pink line ost…..the factor im speaking about is within the later half of those two songs…..any concepts?

Thanks a bundle guys, any assist could be AWESOME. Thx ^^

– Nathan, uber soundtrack lover.

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