Description : New to this website and that is certainly one of my first initiatives on LMMS, so I would like some suggestions on what I can change and How I could make this higher.

The Majority of the loops have been from OddSounds, he has some nice stuff right here on Looperman, go verify him out.

Description : Remix of Play by Alan Walker, Okay-391, Tungevaag and Mangoo

Made with LMMS

Description : A Drum & Bass observe made in LMMS with use of Camel Phat 3’s glorious filters.

Description : Drum n Bass observe made completely in LMMS with inventory plugins. With respect to the unique affect, Unfa – SharpBlur

Description : Not uploaded to YouTube or SoundCloud but. Be at liberty to provide me some suggestions and inform me if I ought to change one thing. Additionally you may recommend names for the music since I have not obtained any concepts

Made with LMMS

Description : Easy observe made with LMMS solely default vsts used.

Description : slightly observe i made utilizing @sehya’s acapella
made with LMMS

Description : A little bit observe I made in LMMS.

Description : Revised to shorten and enhance high quality. Hopefully!!!
wrote some time again on acoustic.
recorded utilizing LMMS, audacity, PRS Tremonti SE
Get pleasure from. Additionally will quickly be importing a number of the particular person loops, in case your

Description : Made utilizing LMMS…

Description : Easy venture. At first it was made with LMMS however I imported the midi recordsdata into Reaper and right here is the way it sounds. I’ve add the piano loop right here however with out reverb or equalization. Any feedback are welcome.

Description : A observe I made with LMMS it took me about two hours or so to do it, all was made on my own. I add the piano loops right here for anybody to make use of and see if can do higher. Any feedback are welcome.

Description : A dubstep music i made in lmms hope you prefer it (You Can use it for a remix or one thing)

Description : A observe I made a yr in the past through LMMS. That is from my Bobstep Album. The samples used are Martin Minor’s whistle and thrill piano. Together with a Digital Riot pattern (that he made in 10 minutes). All samples used are royalty-free.

Description : Remixed with LMMS 1.1.3

Description : A Neurofunk-ish Drum and Bass observe, made in LMMS.

Description : Videogamey indie 4 on the ground sort observe. Im not completely positive what to label it. Observe was made in LMMS. All the time needed to begin making music, so I appeared up the most affordable method to try this, noticed LMMS trigger it was free. Its working thus far. Anyway be happy to make use of this in any method you please. Suggestions is welcome.

Description : Surf guitar instrumental and digital dance music made with LMMS and guitars. No pop ups, simply enjoyable. Hope a few of you take pleasure in this mixture.

Description : One other darkish themed observe that is really a bit older I jus by no means uploaded it. It has a Darkish really feel and a Glitch Hop fashion drop. Let me know what you suppose and revel in^^

Description : This was made with LMMS, FL Studio, and the Large plugin. That is my first Large dubstep music.

Description : Credit:HrdstyleRythm, LMMS

Description : Credit:HardstyleRythm, LMMS

Description : First launch ever. Credit:Hardstylerythm, LMMS

Description : This time I used Holly’s voice (Inside your soul) to create this observe.
However I have not completed it but. In a while I wanna make an intro.
Software program I used: LMMS, DSK Akoustik Drums, Superwave P8, Dsk SynthDrums
Many compressors have been used to unleash the ability of LMMS.

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