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♥︎ → smutty-ISH

☆ → reader favorites

N. H O R A N



beautiful (♡, ♥︎)

[based on niall’s coin necklace]

the right second (♡)

[y/n doesn’t do “corny” and she won’t accept niall to either]

r.i.p. (☁︎)

[you and niall mourn a longtime friend, this blurb makes no sense read at your own risk]

icing (♡)

[you and niall bake a cake and bond in the process]

consolation from house (☁︎, ♡)

[when your world feels like it’s falling apart, Niall manages to make it better even though he is halfway across it]

niall relationship a health care provider/nurse… (♡)

[a list of things niall does for his post-med student girl]

affirmations (☁︎)

[the hate and a lack of your boyfriend’s comfort finally catches up to you]

lefty (♡)

[he teaches you how to write with your left hand]

unhappy music addict (☁︎, ♡)

[you temporarily lodge at a house shared by your long-time friend and your long-time crush]

the ‘m’ phrase (♡)

[you propose on accident but with purpose]

peas and carrots (♡)

[just your typical sleepy niall imagine and many forrest gump references]

infants (♥︎, ♡, ☆)

[when he gets in the mood, you get into national geographic documentaries]

take it (○, ♡)

[barista!niall au based off of his Instagram story “it’s the small things”]

dream (☁︎)

[some things you expect, others you don’t, niall angst]

pecky (♡, ♥︎)

[is he hungry or horny]

custom (♡)

[fluffy niall and lactose intolerant reader]

mr. lawyer, half 2 (☁︎, ♡)

[he lies to protect himself, and fails to protect her in the process]

bonkers (♡)

[you both forget your wedding anniversary and reminisce]

soup (♡)

[you being sick stresses niall out more than you]

tiger (☁︎, ♡)

[you ridicule your scars, but niall makes them something worth loving]

to not brag (○, ♡)

[a college!niall au where the reader is harry’s sister]

having fun with the view (♡)

[you don’t particularly enjoy physical activity unless it involves watching niall do some]

tangent (♡)

[turns out it only takes a cup of warm tea and a kiss for niall to gush about you in front of thousands]

group woman(☁︎, ♡)

[you prank niall with a fake pregnancy test without knowing he has baby fever]

hangry (♡)

[in which you try scaring niall but his unexpected temper scares you instead]

drunk dancing (♡, ♥︎)

[you and niall decide to celebrate your anniversary early this year]

nearly all the pieces (♡, ☆)

[he finds out it’s your time of the month, you find out how much you need his comfort]

lover (♡)

[he spots you in the crowd]

glasses and guinness (☁︎, ♡)

[the stress of online classes catches up with you, and niall takes care of you]

charcoal kisses (♡, ☆)

[an artsy!reader live-streams with niall, fluff ensues]

repair (☁︎)

[you suffer anxiety during quarantine but refuse to admit to niall that you need help]

breakfast in boxers (♡, ♥︎, ☆)

[just some morning fluff as soft as Niall’s hair, w/ some connotations to smut]

serenade (☁︎, ♡)

[he thinks you’ve given up on him, but you are far from doing so]

at house picnic (☁︎, ♡)

[niall opens his home and arms for you during this time of uncertainty, and comforts you with food]

relationship niall in faculty… (♡)

[a list of things niall does for his university girl]

public show of erection (♡, ♥︎)

[niall’s “friend” makes an appearance and there is hypothetical wedding planning]

flash (♡)

[you serve looks in niall’s merch and he cheers you on]

dangerous day blues (☁︎, ♡)

[you have a bad day and listen to his songs for comfort, but it’s nothing compared to the real thing]

awol (☁︎, ♡)

[you drink your day away, and niall assures you that it’s all okay]

my beautiful (♡)

[you join his Instagram live for cuddles and nobody’s complaining]

listening get together (♡, ♥︎)

[you and Niall listen to his new album in private, which works out in both your favors]

serial killer (♡)

[your boyfriend bites his ice cream and you almost lose your shit]

sea greens (♡)

[who said skinny dipping wasn’t a good time to propose?]

our compass (☁︎, ○)

[dad!niall about to skrrt]

sun-ripened strawberry (♡, ♥︎)

[you’re his date to an award show and he cannot stop staring]

that man (☁︎)

[you break up with your boyfriend and your best friend is there to comfort you]

teenage dream (♡)

[based off the Katy perry song that Niall slayed the cover of]


featherlight – angel!niall au

//featherlight (♡, ○)

//protector of girlfriend (☁︎, ♡, ○)

//no saint (☁︎, ♡, ○)

two million minutes — amnesia fic





S. M E N D E S



a kick within the balls, half 2 (♡)

[your sister is stood up and shawn swoops in]

fracture-free (♡, ○)

[your first broken bone gives college!shawn an excuse to baby you]

shade me glad (♡, ○)

[soulmate au, need I say more?]

felicia (♡, ☁︎)

[his biggest secret goes back to a game of truth or dare, friends to lovers]

rose hips (♥︎)

[your pajama shirt can’t hide all of the makes he left on you, post-smut blurb]

the previous days (♡)

[shawn loves her like no other thing]


candy tooth – a triple trope



camp rock – m. triplets crossover



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