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Unhappy Devil is a PC recreation constructed with the Terror Engine,[1] first reported on the YouTube channel Obscure Horror Nook on June 25, 2015.[2] Following preliminary evaluations, the channel’s video of the sport was picked by quite a lot of English-language publications[3][4][5] and later internationally.[6][7] The creator of the sport was allegedly a person from Lubbock, Texas named Gary Graves. The present whereabouts of Obscure Horror Nook are unknown.

Historical past[edit]

In an interview with Kotaku, the channel’s proprietor claims to have downloaded the sport from a Tor hidden service after receiving a tip from an nameless subscriber. The subscriber in flip claims to have discovered the hyperlink through a deep internet web discussion board, from a consumer solely generally known as “ZK”[8] Initially, some followers have been skeptical of the sport, fearing it could include gore or baby pornography. Nevertheless, the proprietor of Obscure Horror Nook shared that, up to now in his playthroughs, the sport had not contained any such materials.[9]

Following the Kotaku interview, the subreddit “/r/sadsatan” was fashioned on the web site Reddit to debate the sport and rapidly realized the .onion handle offered by Obscure Horror Nook contained invalid characters. Three days later, one other interview with the Obscure Horror Nook proprietor appeared on Kotaku, claiming that the hyperlink was purposefully given in error because the recreation itself did in truth include such graphic materials and the Obscure Horror Nook channel proprietor didn’t need to be accountable for disseminating such materials. In an replace to the Kotaku article, Patricia Hernandez states:

I ought to have offered the story of its discovery with extra skepticism. I apologize for that. Whereas the unique article admits that the sport exists in a extra legendary state than a tangible one, it might have gone farther to clarify what was concrete about Jamie’s story and what wasn’t.[8]

Minutes earlier than the replace, a brand new model of the sport was posted to 4chan by somebody claiming to be ZK, claiming that Obscure Horror Nook had not been displaying their viewers the “true” Unhappy Devil.[10] Members of the 4chan neighborhood downloaded this model of the sport and tried to play it. Some customers complained that their computer systems started operating sluggishly, and some even reported that their computer systems grew to become fully unresponsive whereas making an attempt to run the sport. Just a few customers even reported that their computer systems wouldn’t activate anymore after operating this model of the sport.[10] One Reddit consumer tried to play the sport from a Stay USB as an alternative of from his pc’s major arduous drive. Later, when this consumer tried as well up his pc, the pc failed to start out up usually.[11] This model of the sport, dubbed the “clone” by many of the /r/sadsatan neighborhood, contained pictures of violent gore and baby pornography, a few of which have been accessible proper from the title display screen; leading to one other model of the sport with this graphic materials eliminated (which is usually referred to as the “clear” model) being created by Redditors and subsequently redistributed.[12]

In 2017, a person from Lubbock, Texas named Gary Graves was arrested on counts of kid pornography possession, he ran a YouTube channel Scarebere which had posted a video titled Unhappy Unhappy Devil. The YouTube channel in query might be traced again to a Reddit account that was created four days earlier than the submit containing the hyperlink to the “clone” was posted on 4chan, the Reddit account that was created was ScarebereZK. One other video discovered on the channel additionally confirmed a center aged man, the credit within the video recognized him as Gary Graves. The person within the video is equivalent to a different Gary discovered within the 2017 Lubbock felony registry; which led some to imagine that Gary was certainly the creator and poster of the “clone” recreation.[13]


Unhappy Devil was the final recreation lined by Obscure Horror Nook, and since then, the YouTube channel has been deserted for unknown causes. There was hypothesis that the sport was in truth created by the proprietor of Obscure Horror Nook in an effort to extend viewer subscription rely, and that the Deep Net story was a whole fabrication to present the entire account extra intrigue.[1] Some imagine that Obscure Horror Nook created the clone as effectively in an try and lend credibility to the declare that there was really gore and baby pornography within the recreation.[14]

It’s also doable that Unhappy Devil was not created by the proprietor of Obscure Horror Nook, and that in fact, the proprietor of the channel determined to enter hiding due to all of the controversy after the malware model of Unhappy Devil was launched.

Others additionally speculate that ZK and the proprietor of Obscure Horror Nook are the identical particular person.[13]

Content material[edit]

The unique recreation posted by Obscure Horror Nook options strolling down monochromatic corridors whereas numerous audio samples are performed and looped over one another. Audio within the recreation leans closely on recordings of interviews with numerous murderers, corresponding to Charles Manson. The sport additionally relies upon closely on distorted or reversed audio of such interviews or musical clips, such because the track I like Beijing Tiananmen, performed to start with. Reversed clips from the Swedish Rhapsody numbers station may also be heard.

Whereas the participant controls their character by means of the hallways, pictures might intermittently show, taking over the complete display screen and stopping the participant from progressing any additional till the picture mechanically closes just a few seconds later. A lot of the pictures appear to reference baby abuse, particularly individuals indicted in Operation Yewtree, corresponding to pictures of Jimmy Savile and Rolf Harris. Different pictures revolve round crime, and embrace individuals convicted or accused of homicide corresponding to Japanese assassin Tsutomu Miyazaki. Included are also pictures of Girl Justice statues, and political figures corresponding to former UK Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher. Photographs of accident victims and homicide victims are additionally proven, together with the aftermath of an individual struck by a truck, and a beheading. Moreover, no less than one model of the sport comprises a picture associated to the case of Corinne Danielle Motley, a Florida lady who was arrested for producing baby pornography, the picture being a screencap from a video that led to her arrest.

That exact model additionally contained a virus that triggered a variety of unfavourable results, from inflicting the contaminated pc to turn out to be sluggish to a everlasting shutdown, as soon as the executable was run. The one different “characters” within the recreation are kids who merely stand in a single place and don’t transfer or work together with the participant in any respect. Within the remaining video posted by Obscure Horror Nook, considered one of these kids does start to observe the participant, inflicting “contact injury”. Because the participant has no technique of self-defense or any capability to heal injury, the participant will inevitably die at this level within the recreation.


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