The best way to use this simple piano keyboard?

Be taught piano notes

This piano is used to show the title of notes on the assorted keys. When you have by no means performed a piano, you’ll be able to study to search out the title of the notes, and observe taking part in quick and easy songs.

To see the notes C, D, E, F, G, A and B click on on the button “English notation“, to see the notes Do, Re, Mi, Fa, Sol, La, Si, click on on the “latin notation” button, your also can select empty notion to see the open chords.

Concerning the black keys, they correspond to the notes adopted by a pointy (#) or a flat (b). Relying on the tune you wish to play, you will note in your rating, sharps or flats. Click on on the “sharp” or “flat” button, based on your wants.

Here’s a small diagram that will help you, on the central a part of the keyboard.


There are important benchmarks for newcomers:

  • C D E F G A B : performed from left to proper, taking part in the white keys,
  • Visualize the group of two black keys: the white word simply to the left of this group is the C,
  • The center of the keyboard. There are numerous keys? Don’t panic: begin as indicated right here, to play in the course of the piano (E in black).

We remind you that we offer piano classes for newcomers if wanted.

Enjoying simple issues on the piano & composing

To play, simply click on on the display screen, on the keys you wish to play, as if it have been an actual piano. You’ll be able to play a number of notes without delay and make chords. You’ll be able to transfer on the keyboard, and so go down within the bass by going to the left, or climb within the treble by going to the precise, by clicking on the arrows above the keyboard.

Our on-line keyboard additionally serves to:

  • Acknowledge the sound of the notes. The principle instrument of the musician is his/her ear, effectively earlier than the eyes or the fingers … Take pleasure in each second to work your ear, and eliminate studying partitions, automated sentences within the fingers…
  • Search for melodies that you’ve in thoughts. Take pleasure in each free second to work as a recreation: as a substitute of in search of sheet music and music notes that you just like, attempt to discover them for your self. That is what’s going to make you a musician, growing your listening, your benchmarks on the piano, and a catalog of music that can accompany you in every single place …
  • Create small melodies, your compositions. Attempt combos of notes to create your individual music. Two axes to begin:
    • Attempt to create an air in your head, at finest to sing it, then to breed it on the keyboard,
    • Attempt to create instantly on the keyboard. For that, consider the sphere of prospects: to repeat sure notes, to repeat sure sequences of notes, to not play on a regular basis and let the music breathe (depart the place to the silence),. Additionally assume that it isn’t the variety of notes and the pace that take advantage of stunning music.

Tuning your instrument

The digital piano is beneficial for tuning a lot of devices. Even guitarists who shouldn’t have a guitar tuner can use it. However it’s particularly helpful for wind devices: it gives you the precise word, which is the one you will need to receive by taking part in the word of the identical title in your instrument.

In case you get the identical ranking, you might be granted! When you have a unique word, you will want to regulate it to the identical word, after studying the next ideas:

This on-line piano is handy to tune any kind of instrument. To tune your instrument, it is crucial, nevertheless, to:

  • Know the notes on which to tuned.

Within the orchestra, the reference word is often the word A (La in latin notation). It’s this word that serves as a tuning fork, on a frequency of 440Hz. In case: to search out the La on the keyboard, you’re taking a bunch of three black keys, mostly the one within the center and proper of you in the course of the keyboard, and also you press the white key that’s proper to the left of the rightmost black key. If it is not uncommon to make use of this word to tune, you’ll be able to agree on any word after all.

Many devices require solely a normal tuning, that’s to say that by giving a single word, the entire instrument suits: the brass pull on a slide, the reeds regulate their beaks … For strings, it would regulate every string. They need to due to this fact know on which word to grant every string. That can assist you, we’ve got supplied particular tuners for guitar, bass, violin, ukulele, customary tuning …

  • Know the vary of your instrument

Warning: a A on a piano just isn’t essentially a A in your instrument. It sounds absurd, but it surely’s essential to know that. It’s essential to know the vary of your instrument, and presumably “transpose”:

In case your instrument is in “C”, like pianos, or for those who sing, you shouldn’t have this downside. Then again in case your instrument is “in B flat”, it’s essential to grasp: “After I play a C, we hear a B flat”. From there, it is sensible …


To play the identical word because the piano, a Bb trumpet participant must play … a B flat.

To play the identical word because the piano, a saxophonist Eb will play… a F: “I play a C so I hear a Eb”, three semitones above, so to listen to a A I have to play three semitones beneath, a F …

Apply singing

Singers want help after they observe. In contrast to devices, you cannot “tune” your voice every so often, however you must watch out about its accuracy. We can’t agree on a single word, as a result of it’s as much as you to search out the precise intervals between every word, with the voice.

To work on a tune, it’s due to this fact beneficial to work with a keyboard, by merely taking part in on the keyboard notes that you will need to sing. If there are too many notes, or for those who shouldn’t have the likelihood to play piano and sing on the identical time, you’ll be able to ask somebody to play the keyboard, or discover just some benchmarks to help you. Additionally do not forget that even the most effective musicians work slowly!

Examine the accuracy of a piano or keyboard

If digital pianos don’t “transfer” and don’t require re-tuning, acoustic pianos have to be tuned commonly. The frequency of tuning relies on many components: the place the place your piano is situated (temperature modifications, diploma of humidity), the manufacture and the age of your piano, and the use that you just make of it too.

When you have a doubt concerning the accuracy of your piano, earlier than contacting a tuner, simply evaluate the notes of your instrument with these of this on-line piano.

Warning: all digital keyboards, even amongst main manufacturers like Yamaha, Roland, North, are usually not essentially granted in 440Hz. Take note of the buy, or consult with the handbook instruction if essential. To play in a bunch, it’s higher to be in 440Hz.

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