John Thornley takes enjoyment of digging deep into the which means and non secular facet of music.

His ardour launched him into publishing and radio exhibits the place he analysed music and artists for a few years.

Between 1996 and 2015 John edited and revealed 40 problems with the journal, Music within the Air.

On native Entry radio, John was a presenter for Wesley Broadway’s half hour and was a daily quest on Bryan Crump’s RNZ evening programme, Songs of the Spirit.

John Thornley writes:

“The loss of life of Little Richard gave the media trigger to pay tribute to a founding voice of rock’n’roll.

After the passing of Elvis Presley, Fat Domino, Chuck Berry, and now Little Richard, just one celeb stays from the 50s, Jerry Lee Lewis.

I listened to all of the tributes, hoping they could dig a bit of deeper than the cliches on the exhibitionism of his wild performances, the macho sexuality, and white and black youth collectively on the dance flooring – all very true, and rightly celebrated.

However I need to go deeper, and share a 1970s tune, Freedom Blues, discovered on the Little Richard vinyl launch The Rill Factor.

Very true, the ‘actual’ factor.

The tune is within the soul model, with Ray Charles, James Brown and Aretha Franklin because the Holy Trinity.

The tune tells us that 15 years after his explosive tracks from the mid-50s, the singer actually understands, and right here expresses, what rock music is all about: love and peace for all folks, freedom and justice for these lacking out.

It is music for the person and neighborhood, it is each private and social, and in its depths, it is ready to deal with each the non secular and political in our lives.

The phrases ‘that outdated man’ discuss with President Nixon, whose persevering with assist for the Vietnam Warfare had made him more and more unpopular.

However I missed this tune within the tributes.

Freedom Blues – Little Richard 1970

I hope that I ought to reside to see,
when each man can know he is free.
Sufferin’ from the previous
I make I should be unhappy.
I received my obligation rock’n’roll,
now everyone, everyone, everybody’s gotta be free!
Mmmm, let’s do away with that outdated man, hey-ey-ey,
And produce our authorities updated.
It could be very laborious to do,
simply open your thoughts, let love come by.
You hear me callin’ you
Everyone, everyone, everybody’s gotta be free!
Oh, sure!
We did our factor, each factor, and we paid our dues,
now let’s do away with these freedom blues.
It could appear very laborious to do,
simply open your thoughts, let love come by.
I received my obligation rock and roll,
now everyone, everyone, everybody’s gotta be free!

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