ILLENIUM & Said The Sky - Sad Songs ft. Annika Wells (Rad Hatter Rework)
havent put out a remix shortly, hope you want <3




the place have u been


Remark by Saen.

that is so dope

Rattling. ….. yassss

This needa drop on apple music


Remark by Nami

Bro once I let you know my jaw dropped, it dropped so arduous.. DAMN

@person178696904 👍

Omg im speechless. Tysm

Remark by Emily

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hex cougar vibesss

daaannnnmmmmm dude

goosebumps rattling 👌🔥

that is nuts

Remark by ENDS

like it

Somebody please inform me there are extra songs like this? What is that this style!? This soul!!! I NEED MORE!!


the primary 30 seconds thoooo

Remark by grove

i hearken to this music daily and simply needed 2 say thx

Like it

Remark by 3G

Like it, thinks. H2MF daily, do it with music. littledrummer

WHat the precise fuck

@bldrnnrmusic: o shit @jackalproducer make this occur plzzz

@bldrnnrmusic: @jackalproducer

@user-881229210: or quiet bison lmao

holyy fuuck

@bldrnnrmusic: @jackalproducer

i see a collab with @Jackal quickly

i like this dude 😱💙

fuck !!!!

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Welcome my dear !
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