For those who’re on TikTok, you’ve in all probability heard “Opaul.” Perhaps you’ve even pulled a Charli D’Amelio and danced to it. However you may not know the lyrics — even in the event you assume you do.

“Opaul” is a 2018 track by rapper Freddie Dredd, who additionally produced the observe beneath the pseudonym Ryan C. However the singing you hear within the TikTok sound isn’t Freddie Dredd. It’s a pattern of the Portuguese-language track “David” (additionally referred to as “Odavi”) by Brazilian singer-songwriter Célia. Freddie advised Mashable by way of Twitter DM that he named the track after his buddy Paul, who launched him to the Célia observe.

The sound consists of these lyrics from Célia: “Oh Davi / não vai não / Agora que esse som tá ficando bom,” which interprets roughly to “Oh Davi, don’t go / Now that this track is getting good.” Some folks — together with who speaks Portuguese, hear “volte aqui,” which suggests “come again,” however “Oh Davi” makes extra sense given the track’s title.

Most English-speaking TikTokers aren’t lip-synching any of these lyrics, although. As a substitute, they’re saying both “No, I do know” or “Love, I do know” within the place of “não vai não.” (The three are related phonetically.) Then they’re crafting their TikToks round these inaccurate interpretations.

Take , which exhibits a lady realizing that her crush has been waxing poetic to his mother and father about one other woman as an alternative of her. 

“You look so completely different from the photographs our son confirmed us,” say the mother and father.

“No, I do know,” the woman says, wanting lividly on the digital camera.

Utilizing the phrase “love, I do know,” grew to become widespread shortly thereafter, when TikTok megastar Charli D’Amelio included these false lyrics into her personal “Opaul” choreography. The dance went viral — as does all the pieces D’Amelio makes — inspiring tons of of different TikTokers to attract hearts with their palms as they mouthed the flawed phrases.

Charli D'Amelio performs her choreography to "Opaul."

Charli D’Amelio performs her choreography to “Opaul.”

Picture: TikTok / Charli D’Amelio

It is value noting that the majority TikTokers appear to be conscious that the track is not truly in English. For one factor, plenty of the movies flash the phrases “no, I do know” onscreen whereas the person is lip-synching, implying that the script is completely different than the precise audio. Nonetheless, the misinterpretation has understandably annoyed some customers, who really feel that twisting a Portuguese track from Brazil into English is disrespectful to each Célia and the language itself.

“Individuals who assume it is ‘no I do know’: 🤡🤡🤡,” reads one remark.

In some unspecified time in the future, corrections within the feedback reached a fever pitch, driving some TikTokers to attempt to fend off criticism preemptively on their very own movies. Now, in a traditional case of web over-saturation, correcting the lyrics has turn out to be considerably passé. On @iamjuststephf’s video above, as an illustration, the highest remark is “Individuals who nonetheless say ‘these aren’t the phrases’: 🤡🤡🤡.”

Freddie Dredd, for his half, is stunned that anybody thinks the track appears like English in any respect. “It is so clearly not [English],” he mentioned. “But when it wasn’t for them mistakenly considering it was English,” he theorized, “the development in all probability wouldn’t have accomplished in addition to it did.”

He does assume, nonetheless, that it is necessary for listeners to know the supply materials, which suggests trying out Célia’s unique observe. “I discover happiness that persons are discovering out about Célia and Lisa Ono due to me,” he mentioned. “I like them a lot.” (Lisa Ono is a Brazilian-Japanese bossa nova artist; Freddie Dredd sampled her track “Sway It, Hula Lady” on his observe “Cha Cha,” which can be a TikTok hit.) “Go take heed to Célia & Lisa Ono as an alternative of me, broaden your musical horizons.”

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