Over the previous decade, a brand new moviegoing custom has emerged: the second a film’s credit begin, half the viewers walks out the door, whereas the opposite half furiously googles “Does this film have a post-credits scene?” Movies often threw in cute little stinger scenes earlier than the Marvel Cinematic Universe films made it a behavior (and a daily advertising gadget, slinging the subsequent film within the franchise earlier than audiences had even began digesting the one they have been sitting in). However recently, it’s turn into virtually an obligation for sure sorts of flicks — particularly superhero movies, comedies, and animated films like Disney’s new Frozen 2.

Frozen 2 does have a post-credits scene, and it’s typical for animated films largely geared toward children: a cute, weightless little gag that throws again to one thing that occurred earlier within the movie. It additionally operates as an in-joke for devoted Frozen franchise followers, bringing again minor Frozen characters that didn’t in any other case seem within the film. However the scene additionally has mildly creepy implications if viewers give it some thought in any respect.

[Ed. note: gigantic spoilers ahead for Frozen 2.]

What occurs within the post-credits scene?

Halfway by way of Frozen 2, Olaf the dwelling snowman (voiced by Josh Gad) recaps everything of Frozen in a comedic rush for an viewers of warriors who weren’t round for that film, as a result of they have been trapped in an enchanted forest, behind a magical wall. Within the post-credits scene, he equally offers a fast recap of Frozen 2 for an viewers that largely missed the motion of the film: Marshmallow and a crowd of snowgies.

Behold your new queen.
Walt Disney Company

Wait, who?

Frozen followers will bear in mind Marshmallow as the enormous ice-monster Queen Elsa creates in Frozen. After Elsa’s ice powers run amok at her coronation, she retreats to the wilds and builds herself an ice citadel. However her sister Anna reveals as much as attempt to persuade Elsa to come back residence. They argue, and in desperation, Elsa creates Marshmallow to push Anna and her information Kristoff out of the palace. Marshmallow later fights Anna’s two-faced fiancé Hans and his males after they come to seize Elsa, and the snow monster is seen plummeting off a cliff after Hans cuts off one in every of his legs. However he reveals up once more in Frozen’s post-credits scene, limping again into the palace along with his leg partially reattached, discovering Elsa’s tiny dropped crown, placing it on, and smiling.

The snowgies, in the meantime, are from the 2015 brief movie Frozen Fever, wherein Queen Elsa units out to provide Anna an ideal birthday to make up for all of the birthdays they missed collectively in childhood. However Elsa has a chilly, and each time she sneezes, tiny mischievous dwelling snowmen come out of skinny air. They trigger some chaos, however the brief ends with Olaf ushering a crowd of cheerful snowgies previous Marshmallow and into Elsa’s ice palace, the place they’re presumably going to reside to any extent further. Frozen 2’s post-credits scene confirms that Marshmallow and the snowgies are nonetheless dwelling fortunately on the palace collectively.

Now image all of them dying tragically.
Walt Disney Company

Besides Elsa dies

So … in Frozen 2, Elsa dies on a distant island, or a minimum of she Disney-dies, which is to say she experiences a short life hiatus, lengthy sufficient for everybody to gasp and fret and perhaps cry somewhat earlier than she comes again secure and sound. (Really, she turns to ice, precisely as Anna did within the first Frozen, and with about as a lot obvious long-term impression on her well being. Ice curses do appear to run within the household.)

However when Elsa is briefly not-alive, Olaf dies too, as a result of her magic isn’t sustaining him anymore. He disintegrates in Anna’s arms, shelling out mild life knowledge and reassuring her that his demise is okay.

But when Olaf discorporates as a result of Elsa’s magic is briefly certain up in ice … so would Marshmallow and the snowgies, that are simply as a lot merchandise of Elsa’s will and magic as Olaf is. And in contrast to Olaf, they weren’t off on a magical quest and conscious of the risks, or within the firm of supportive, mournful pals. They’d have simply discovered themselves out of the blue coming aside, like Spider-Man disintegrating in Avengers: Infinity Struggle (and within the million memes about that second that adopted). They’d have had no thought why they have been out of the blue breaking into their element snowflakes.

And Olaf doesn’t come again till a revived Elsa consciously re-makes him. Which suggests for the ice-castle denizens to nonetheless be round to listen to Olaf’s story, she would have had to return to her ice citadel in some unspecified time in the future and take the time to rebuild Marshmallow — a dumb big initially made in a match of frantic anger — and dozens of mini-snowmen which she by no means consciously made within the first place.

All that is actually extra interrogation than the post-credits sequence wants, provided that it’s simply an echo gag, and extra Olaf goofery. Most likely audiences are going to be happier not fascinated with it in any respect. It doesn’t really feel just like the writers did, so we’ll in all probability all be happier — you recognize what I’m going to say right here, simply brace your self for the inevitable — if we attempt to let it go.

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