Wah dem ah do?
Watch all yuh
Ah who yuh man?
Ah who him once more, Ray Gad?
Who dem?
Suh mi develop (Weh!)

One inna di head when mi ah contact e highway
Skinny yuh know di cutchie load
Quite purchase ah Matic, dan guh purchase ah sword
Unhealthy from mi ah gone Completely happy Grove
Contemporary Louie V
Contemporary Polo
Gyal dem weak to do cologne
Mi wi’ tun yuh spouse inna go-go
Mek she whine pon di pole inna slo-mo
Anyweh mi deh, mi gun deh
Mi nuh lef’ e dawg
Haffi load up di clip when mi ah lef’ e yard
Informer chat mi, simply ah watch mi onerous
Thousands and thousands dem legit, anuh cash fraud

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