50’s Slang phrases

50’s Slang


Cool it Pops!

Hey Daddy-o…..

What’s up Doc?

18 Karat — All the best way, full out.
The Duke is a cultured man, his coronary heart is “18 karat.”

Air-check — A recording of a radio or tv efficiency.
Did you hear the “air-check” of Billie Vacation with Gerry Mulligan?

The Apple — NY city. That is now widespread utilization.
We acquired a gig up in “The Apple” at Minton’s with Diz and Chicken.

Axe — An instrument.
Hey, Jack, convey your “axe” over tomorrow and we’ll jam.

Child — A time period of endearment.
Hey, “child,” I acquired some bread, lets paint the city.

Unhealthy — Good.
Thar dude Wynton Marsalis does some “unhealthy” ass playin’.

Bag — An individual’s specific curiosity.
I might prefer to play along with your combo, dude, however your sound simply ain’t my

Balloon lungs — A brass man with loads of wind.
That cat should have “balloon lungs,” Stix stated he held that word for
three and half minutes!”

Barn Burner — Initially in Sinatra slang this was a trendy, elegant
lady, however in the present day, it might probably even be utilized to a superb soccer recreation.
Hey, Quincy, did you see Stella over on the diner? Man, she is one superb
“barn burner.”

Barrelhouse — Barrelhouse was the colloquial time period for a cabaret in
New Orleans the place liquor was served. Barrelhouse music is the kind of music
performed in one in all these cabarets.
Hey, Man, I dig this “barrelhouse” music. It flows free.

Beat — Exhausted or drained.
Man, we been blowin’ all night time. I am actually “beat.”

Birdbrain — A Charlie Parker imitator.
It is 1957 already. We want one thing new. I am gettin’ uninterested in all the
“Birdbrains” round nowadays..

Blow — A jazzman’s time period for enjoying any instrument.
That European man, Django Reinhardt, can actually “blow.”

Blow your prime — A phrase which expresses enthusiasm or exasperation.
Hey man, I do know it is powerful, however do not “blow your prime.”

The Bomb — Very cool.
The Crusader’s new disc, “Louisiana Sizzling Sauce” is “the

Boogie Man — Within the jazz slanguage of 1935, this was a critic.
Roscoe simply waxed an ideal disc and the “boogie man” gave it a nasty

Boogie Woogie — An early piano blues kind that was popularized in
Chicago. The time period has sexual overtones.
Hey, Lester, dig that “boogie woogie” that Yancy is layin’ down.

Bose Bouncing — To play notes so low as to bounce a Bose speaker
from its basis.
I am sorry, my bass participant was simply “Bose bouncing.

Bread — A jazzman’s phrase for cash.
Alright, Jack, if ya need me to play, ya gotta give you some

Break it down — Get sizzling!! Go to city.

Deliver Down or Bringdown — As a verb – to depress. As a noun – one
who depresses.
Hey, man, do not “convey me down” with all of this loopy speak.
Hey, let’s get out of right here, that man is an actual “bringdown.”

Bug — To bother or bewilder.
Man, do not “bug” me with that jive about cleanin’ up my act.

Burnin — Used to explain a very emotional or technically
wonderful solo.
Hey, man, did you hear that solo by Lee? It was “burnin.”

Can — Jail

Cans — Headphones.
That final take was actually kickin’, placed on the “cans” and lets
document the ultimate take.

Cats — People who play jazz music.
I used to partake in late-night jam classes with the “cats” over
at Sid’s.

Modifications — Chord development.
Hey, Pops, dig these “modifications” that the Hawk is playin’.

Character — An attention-grabbing, out of the abnormal particular person.
Sonny is actually a “character.”

Chick — A younger and fairly woman.
Hey, Buster, depart it alone. That “chick” is outta your league.

Chill ‘ya — When an uncommon “sizzling” ardour offers you goose
Gee, Jody, does not it “chill ‘ya” the best way Benny performs the clarinet?

Chops — The flexibility to play an instrument, a extremely refined
method. Additionally refers to a brass gamers facial muscle mass.
“He performed the hell out of that Gershwin; he is positive acquired chops.” and
“My chops are nonetheless achin’ from final nights gig.”

Clams — Errors whereas taking part in music.
Charlie is actually layin’ down some “clams” tonight.

Clinker — A foul word or one that’s fluffed.
Hey, Charlie, that was some “clinker” that you simply simply hit.

Combo — Mixture of musicians that varies in dimension from three to 10.
Right here me talkin’ to ya Lester. Did you see that supreme “combo” that
the Hawk put collectively?

Cool — A restrained method to music. A superlative which has
gained vast acceptance exterior of jazz.
That cat Miles Davis performs some “cool” jazz. That cat Miles, is

Corny, Cornball — A jazz man’s time period for trite, candy or stale.
Man, Man Lombardo is one “corny” cat. Man, Man Lombardo performs some
“cornball” music.

Loopy — One other jazz superlative.
Rely Basie’s band positive lays down a “loopy” beat.

Crib — Similar as pad.
Hey, child, come on as much as my crib awhile and chill out.

Crumb — Somebody for whom it’s inconceivable to point out respect.
Sleazy Eddie is an actual “crumb.”

Lower — To depart or depart. Additionally to utterly outdo one other particular person or
group in a battle of the bands.
Hey, man, did you see the best way that two-bit band “minimize” when Basie
“minimize” them final night time.

Dad, Daddy-o — A hipster’s method of addressing one other man.
Hey, “daddy-o”, what’s cookin’.

Darkish — Offended or upset (used within the Midwest).
Joe was in an actual “darkish” temper after Jaco confirmed up 30 minutes late
for the gig.

Dig — To know or perceive utterly.
Hey, dad, I been listenin’ to what you been doin’ and I “dig” that
loopy music.

DeeJay, Disk Jockey — An announcer of information on radio.
Man, he’s one loopy “deejay”. He spins some cool disks.

Down by regulation — is to have paid dues; that’s, to have earned respect
to your expertise or capability to “get down.”
Charlie Parker spent years on the street working numerous dives to fine-tune
his craft. He earned each little bit of success and recognition he later obtained. He
was “down by regulation.”

Drag — As a verb – to depress or convey down an individual’s spirits or,
as a noun – an individual or factor which depresses.
Let’s get outta right here, that man is an actual “drag.”

The Finish — Superlative that’s used interchangeably with “too
a lot” or “loopy.”
The best way Benny blows the clarinet is “the tip.”

Finger Zinger — Somebody who performs very quick.
Ignasio the brand new guitarist is a finger zinger on the guitar. Rattling, that boy is

Flip — A verb which means to go loopy or a noun which means an eccentric.
That dude is actually cooking, I believe he’ll “flip.”

Flip your lid — Similar as “Blow your prime.”
That cat appears to be like loopy. I believe he is gonna “flip his lid.”

Fly — Easy or slick.
Hey, Eddie, did you see the hat-check woman Bernice? Man, she is

Fracture — To encourage or transfer somebody.
You’re the funniest man I do know. Whenever you begin to inform a joke, it
“fractures” me.

Freak Lip — A pair of kissers that put on like leather-based; one who can
hit excessive C’s all night time and play a live performance the following day.
Ol’ Satchmo, …now he had a pair of “freak lips!”

Funky — Earthy or down-to-earth.
That George Clinton is one “funky” cat.

Gasoline — As a noun – one thing that strikes you. As a verb – to fire up
The best way that man beats the skins is an actual “gasoline.”

Gate — Early time period for a Jazz musician.
Armstrong is the unique Swing Jazz participant that is why they name used to name
him “Gate.”

Get Down — To play or dance superlatively with abandon.
Jaco can actually “get down” on the 4-string.

Gig — A paying job.
I am taking part in a gig within the metropolis tonight.

Gone — One more Jazz superlative.
Lester is an actual “gone” cat.

Goof — Fail to hold out a accountability or wander in consideration.
Hey, Leroy, cease “goofin'” after I’m talkin’ to ya.

Received your glasses on — you’re ritzy or snooty, you fail to acknowledge
your mates, you’re up-stage.

Groovy — Used within the fifties to indicate music that swings or is
funky. For a short time within the sixties, groovy was synonymous with cool. The
phrase has been used little for the reason that seventies.
Hey, Jack, dig that “groovy” beat.

Gutbucket —Gutbucket refers to one thing to retailer liquor in and to
the kind of music related to heavy ingesting. An early time period for lowdown or
earthy music.
That cat Satchmo began out taking part in some actual “gutbucket” within the
homes down in New Orleans.

Hand me that pores and skin (later modified to Hand me some pores and skin) — A giant
expression for “shake, pal.”
Hey, whaddya say Rufus, “hand me some pores and skin.”

Head or Head Association — An association of a music that’s not
written, however remembered by the band members (the tune and development to
improvise on).
Man, Basie’s band makes use of numerous “heads”, not these written
preparations. That is why his band actually cooks.

Warmth — Solo house.
Yo, man, I would like some “warmth” on ‘Large Steps’!

Hep — A time period as soon as used to explain somebody who is aware of or understands.
Changed by “hip” about the identical time that cool changed sizzling. Some
sources consider that “Hep” was the surname of a Chicago gangster of
the 1890’s.
Dipper Mouth Armstrong is a “hep” cat.

Hip — A time period used to explain somebody who is aware of or understands.
Initially “hep” till the 40’s or 50’s.
Yardbird Parker is actually “hip”.

Hipster — A follower of the varied genres of bop jazz within the 50’s.
These have been the precursors of hippies within the 60’s.
These “hipsters” that hang around at Shelly’s Manne-Gap are actually
diggin’ the West Coast sound.

Horn — Any instrument (not essentially a brass or reed instrument).
That dude can positive blow his “horn.”.

Sizzling — A time period as soon as used to explain “actual” jazz. Changed
as a superlative by “cool” within the late 40’s or early 50’s.
Satchel Mouth Armstrong performed some actually “sizzling” jazz within the 20’s.

A Sizzling Plate — A sizzling recording.
Boys, I believe we acquired ourselves a “sizzling plate.”

I am Booted — I am hip or I perceive.
It is cool, man, I do know simply what you imply, “I am booted.”

Within the Combine — Put it collectively, make it occur.
Put that cat “within the combine,” we’d like a drummer for our upcoming tour.

Within the Pocket — Refers back to the rhythm part being actually collectively
as in…
These guys are actually within the pocket, tonight.

Jack — Jazz man’s time period for an additional particular person. Usually utilized in a unfavourable
Please do not dominate the rap, “Jack.” Hit the street,

Jake — Okay.
Though no person appears to love him, that man is “jake” with me.

Jam — To improvise.
The band is “jammin'” inside proper now.

Jam Session — A gaggle of jazz gamers improvising.
You may want go downstairs, Duke’s boys are having a “jam

Jazz — The music which is mentioned right here. Could have come from the
French jaser – to chatter. Could have come from Jasbo Brown – a dancer.
The 1920’s was declared the Age of “Jazz.”

Jazz Field — a jazz guitar.
The Ibanez PM mannequin was developed along side Pat Metheny to fulfill his
demand for a real “jazz field”

Jitterbug — A jumpy, jittery energetic dance or one who danced this
dance in the course of the swing interval.
Artie Shaw is a sizzling clarinet participant. He positive has all the
“jitterbugs” jumpin’.

Jive — A flexible phrase which can be utilized as a noun, verb or
adjective. Noun – an odd type of speech. Verb – to idiot somebody. Adjective -
phoney or pretend.
Outdated Satchmo can lay down some loopy “jive.” Do not “jive”me
man, I wasn’t born yesterday. That cat is one “jive” dude.

JAMF – Jive A– Mom F—-R. Somebody who isn’t thought extremely of.

Joe Beneath — A musician who performs under-scale.
How are you going to anticipate to make a buck when “Joe Beneath” virtually performs for

Leap — To swing.
Let’s take a look at that bar over there. It sounds just like the joint is “jumpin’.”

Junk — Heroin.
“Junk” and booze have laid a heavy toll on Jazz.

Kill — To fracture or delight.
You “kill” me, man, the best way you are at all times clowning round.

Lame — One thing that does not fairly minimize it.
A number of the cats that declare to be playin’ Jazz nowadays are layin’ down
some “lame” music.

Licks, sizzling licks — An early time period for phrase or solo.
Louie can actually lay down some “sizzling licks.”

Licorice Stick — Clarinet
Gee, Jody, does not it “chill ‘ya” the best way Benny performs that
“licorice stick”?

Lid — Hat.
Hey man, good lid.

“Lid” has additionally entered the world of hip-hop slang by way of an organization referred to as
Final Lids that makes hats.

Moldy Fig — In the course of the Bop period, followers and gamers of the brand new music
used this time period to discribe followers and gamers of the sooner New Orleans Jazz.
What do you anticipate, Eddie is a “moldy fig” and he’ll by no means dig the
new sounds.

Muggles — One nickname for marijuana utilized by early Jazzmen
(Armstrong has a music by this title).
Hey, Louis, I must settle down. You bought any “muggles?”

My Chops is beat — When a brass man’s lips give out.
Too many excessive C’s tonight, man, “my chops is beat!!”

Noodlin’ — To only play notes that haven’t any specific which means to a
tune or solo.
Stop “noodlin” cat, let’s begin working the tune.

Out of this world — A superlative which is not in widespread use.
I am tellin’ ya, man, the best way Benny Goodman blows is “out of this

Out to Lunch — Similar as lame.
That man is “out to lunch,” I can not stand the best way he performs.

Pad — Home, dwelling, residence or mattress.
Hey, Lester, c’mon as much as my “pad” you appear to be you’ll want to cool

Popsicle Stick — A sax participant’s reed.
I am taking part in an ideal popsicle stick.

Rock — To swing or leap (as in Leap bands – the fore-runners of Rock
and Roll bands).
Louis Jordan’s band actually “rocks.”

Rock and Roll — After all the brand new music of the 50’s, however initially
slang for intercourse.
Hey, child, you are drivin’ me loopy, let’s “rock and roll.”

Sackbut — The Sackbut was a 16th century instrument, just like the
The Historical past of the

Scat — Improvise lyrics as nonsense syllables. Mentioned to have
originated on the “Sizzling 5” music “Heebie Jeebies” when
Louis Armstrong dropped his lyrics.
I can actually dig Dizzy’s new method of singing “scat.”

Scene — A spot or environment.
Within the late twenties, Armstrong was the person on the New York

Schmaltz it — Play it “long-haired.”

Schmaltz or Schmalz — It is the Yiddish phrase for hen fats, and has
been a slang time period within the U.S. for the reason that ’20s for something sickeningly candy or
“greasy”, particularly music or poetry.
That Lombardo man is in style, however he positive performs numerous

Scratch — (see Bread)
I must get my axe mounted, however I acquired no “scratch.”

Screwin’ the Pooch — Actually unhealthy errors whereas taking part in music.
Roscoe should’ve had a nasty day, trigger he is actually “screwin’ the

Ship — to maneuver or to stimulate.
Roscoe, you actually “ship” me.

Sharp — Trendy.
Hey, Rufus, that is one “sharp” wanting swimsuit of garments you are
sportin’ there.

Skins participant — The drummer. (Skins comes from the times when cowhide
or different dried animal pores and skin was used to make drum heads.)
Man, we have been all able to have a bit improv jam session however our
“skins participant” skipped out on us. There’s one cat that I am gonna pores and skin!

Smokin’ — Enjoying your ass off.
I can already inform from exterior that Jimmy is “smokin'” tonight.

Snap your cap — Similar as “Blow your prime.”
Hey, Buddy, settle down. Do not “snap your cap.”

Strong — A swing-era superlative which is little used in the present day.
Little Jazz can blow up a storm, he is actually “stable.”

Cut up — To depart.
Sorry I can not stick round Slick, I gotta “cut up.”

Sq. — A considerably outmoded time period which means unknowing which generally is a
noun or a verb.
That cat is an actual “sq.”

Sugar band — A candy band; a number of vibrato and glissando.

Supermurgitroid — actually cool.
That membership was supermurgitroid!

Swing — to get a rocking or swaying beat.
Ellington’s band “swings” like no different. It is elegant.

Straw Boss — From Dan Nicora: The time period was defined to me by Richard
Davis, bass participant with Thad & Mel, and lots of NY teams. It refers back to the
lead alto participant in a giant band, being the dude who leads all the opposite
saxophones, is aware of all the solutions and takes care of the crew.

Tag — Used to finish the tune, repeating the final phrase thrice.

Take 5 — A method of telling somebody to take a 5 minute break or
to take a 5 minute break.
Hey, Cleanhead, this can be a cool tune and we’re blowin’ too sizzling. We oughta
“take 5.”

An excessive amount of — Only one extra jazz superlative. Initially one thing so
good, that it’s laborious to take.
Artwork Blakey is a incredible drummer. His taking part in is “an excessive amount of.”

Torch — Used often as an outline of a music that expresses
unrequited love.
No one may sing “torch” songs like Peggy Lee.

Practice Wreck — Occasion in the course of the taking part in of a tune when the musicians
“disagree” on the place they’re within the kind (i.e. somebody will get misplaced), so
the chord modifications and the melody could get confused for a number of bars, however
relying on the skills of the musicians (it occurs to the perfect of them),
there are normally no fatalities and the journey continues.

Tubs — Set of drums.
Jo is actually sizzling tonight. Take heed to him pound these “tubs.”.

Two beat — 4-four time with a gradual two beat floor beat on the
bass drum. New Orleans Jazz.
I can not dig this “two beat” jazz. My boys acquired to have 4 even
beats to the measure.

Wail — To play a tune extraordinarily properly.
Rely Basie did a tune referred to as “Prince of Wails” — a intelligent play on
phrases. Rattling, Basie’s band can actually “wail.”

Strolling bass or strolling rhythm — an brisk four-beat rhythm
I actually dig the best way Earl performs the 88’s. He performs the tune along with his left
hand and a “strolling bass” along with his proper.

Wax a disc — Lower a document.
I simply “waxed a disc” up at Rudy Van Gelder’s studio with Jimmy

Wig, Wig out — To flip out. Additionally to suppose exactly.
I do not know what occurred, man, we have been simply sittin’ there and Louie simply
“wigged out.”

Wild — Astonishing or superb.
It is actually “wild” the best way Lee performs the trumpet.

Witch Physician — A member of the clergy.
Have you ever heard, Margie’s brother is a “witch physician.”

Woodshed (or Shed) — To apply.
Duke was up all night time shedin’ that untouchable lick.

Zoot — Used within the thirties and forties to explain exaggerated
garments, particularly a zoot swimsuit.
Take a look at that cat’s “zoot” swimsuit. It is loopy, man.

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