malo uce

lovin it 🙂 🙂

Good combine!!!

love this track brings up so many reminiscences


@lil-mz-fobula: fanx sistah…

@wishanigawood: fanx uce !!!

@djay-olskool: fanx uce !!

Sekia !!!!!!!!

Like ur type bro.

@doreen-toniu-williams: All items uso !!

Good mellow combine uce. cheers for the hook upzzz

@tenolynshra: thanks !!

lol this can be a good track….<three it…

@ronnie-tamate: lol sole u cant get married twice bro solely me sole hahaha

solleee i like ur remix my uso stick with it da good job i need u to be a dj on my wedding ceremony day lol

@isaia274: LOL it aint too noticeable uso, its all good both means!

@webcke: yea its a bit too quick aye lol was gona gradual the tempo down however fort stuff it it’s wat it’s lol nek minute KAKA lol glads you prefer it !!

@nash1980: all items thanks for taking time to remark aprriciate it !!

Shot!! Thanks for the DL.

completely different tackle a cool track, luvin it mad props

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