By Garvin Karunaratne, former G.A. Matara 

Allow us to attempt to get away from
the rhetoric- the artwork of efficient or persuasive talking, usually with an
implication of insincerity or exaggeration”(Oxford Dictionary). Guarantees are
many however it’s fairly evident that the majority guarantees can’t be simply fulfilled.
President Gotabhaya’s guarantees are few however he has vowed to implement them. So
far since turning into the President and from 2005 to 2015 he has been capable of maintain
to his phrase. 

The leaders, who stand a
probability of getting elected  are well-known
and extra, in some capability they’ve dominated our nation for years, and maybe
greater than what they converse, historic information telling what they actually did, when
they have been ruling as President, Prime Minister or Minister will reveal what we
can count on of them.  

 International Meddling 

It has grow to be regular for international Superpowers  to take motion in opposition to international locations that have been
following Socialist insurance policies. The next excerpt from Professor Jeffery
Sachs tells all of it:

Infamous act of US
unilaterlism embrace the CIA led overthrow of a number of governments-Iran, Guyana,
Guatamala,  South Vietnam and Chile, the
assassination of numerous international officers and  a number of disastrous unilateral acts of struggle on
Central America, Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos and Iraq. The US has thrown out
elections by  secret CIA financing,
put international leaders on CIA payroles and supported violent leaders  who then got here again to hang-out  the US in a infamous boomerang or blowback
impact(together with Sadaam Hussein and Osama Bin Laden), each as soon as on CIA
payroles”(Commonwealth Economics for a Crowded Planet, Allen Lane, 2008) 

Sri Lanka has had its share of
international affect in elections. It’s well-known that the defeat of President
Mahinda Rajapaksa in 2015 was hatched at Harvard College within the USA.  

 It’s as much as the voter to resolve which
candidates are performing in opposition to the sovereignty of the nation.  

Vital infringements on Sri
Lanka’s  Sovereignty.   

The nation survived  the Fidel Castro sort of sooner or later try by
the JVP to take over the nation in April 1971, when it was discovered that the
North Korean Embassy had a hand within the rebellion and the Embassy was promptly
shut down and the officers deported. As soon as the rebellion was quelled and the JVP
cadres decamped to the Sinharaja Hills, a European Ambassadorial jeep got here
a number of instances and went into the jungles to fulfill them.   

With the 2 uprisings in 1971
and 1987-89, with the functioning of kangaroo courts,  the wealthy 
within the rural habitat– the rice millers, property homeowners and so forth. who   had made the agricultural areas their properties,
decamped to the cities and have been so frightened that they  by no means returned to their rural habitat.
It  is that they and their kids when grown
up  that had invested of their rural
areas. They despatched their kids abroad for research, by no means to return to the
Motherland. The agricultural areas turned useless.  

historic happenings throughout Durations when the chief contenders at this election
dominated or after they have been related to the rulers 

Allow us to take the intervals when
the chief contenders dominated, when their political events held sway and assess
the key occasions of how the nation was dealt with and the key adjustments made.
It will simply mirror what we are able to count on of the current day contenders. 

Jayawardena 1977- 

When President Jayawardena
took over on the tail finish of 1977, a significant change was to liberalize the
economic system. Although President Jayawardena 
did regardless of the IMF dictated, by 1986, the economic system resulted in shambles.  

From 1948, once we achieved
independence the economic system was managed 
with the international alternate we earned. There have been import controls to
make sure that important client items have been imported and allocations of international
alternate have been made for the import of luxurious objects, in response to accessible
international alternate.  The IMF suggested
President Jayawardena to open up imports- to not have import controls and likewise
to liberalize using international exchange- permit international alternate for use
freely for international journey, for instructional bills overseas. When the nation
had no international alternate to fulfill such elevated commitments, the IMF recommendation was
to denationalise paying State property and if that was inadequate, to lift loans.
It’s this course of adopted from the tip of 1977 that led to the ballooning of
the international debt to some $ 60 billion right now. 
Although Ronnie de Mel, the Minister of Finance in his Finances Speech of
1978 hailed this : We can’t go around the world begging for assist like
worldwide beggars without end.  We should
get out of this vicious circle of no development, stagnation and mounting inside
and exterior debt”(Finances Speech: 1978), the end result was the other. Utilizing
cash that one didn’t possess and elevating loans solely labored to make us extra
indebted. In eight years, by 1986 the economic system was in shambles. 

 Within the phrases of the World Financial institution: 

By 1986…the deterioration of
the economic system had grow to be evident. The expansion charge of the GDP  slowed to below 4 %, unemployment rose  to about 17% and gross official reserves  declined 
to lower than 2 months’ imports”(World Financial institution:Tendencies in Creating

Whereas the international debt of Sri
Lanka was negligible in 1977, by 1986, it had ballooned  to $ 4,063 million and it elevated to $ 5100
million by 1989. Comparatively when Jayawardena commenced following the IMF
prescriptions of the SAP on the finish of 1977 Sri Lanka had a negligible international
debt- solely $ 750 million. The nation slumped to grow to be an indebted nation. In
different phrases the IMF had by its recommendation made Sri Lanka a sovereign nation
that had a negligible international debt to grow to be a heavilyindebted nation with a
international debt of $ 60 billion right now. Presently Sri Lanka has to fulfill a cost
of $ Four billion in 2020 purely to service the loans it owes. That is the legacy
that President Jayawardena of the UNP has left for Sri Lanka- a scenario of
indebtedness from which Sri Lanka can by no means redeem itself.  

Even since President
Jayawardena adopted the prescriptions of the IMF, although the wealthy within the
nation benefitted from relaxed international alternate controls- might go on international
holidays, ship off their offspring to review overseas and luxuriate in imported items,
the nation slumped into international debt and the masses- the overwhelming majority of the
individuals couldn’t afford even to purchase client items as the costs had escalated.
This prompted poverty and inflation. The Structural Adjustment Programme(SAP) of
the IMF  comprise an financial system that
would lead the international locations to grow to be indebted within the means of servicing the
loans because the loans have been non developmental.”(From Karunaratne: How the IMF
Sabotaged Third World Growth(Kindle/Godages: 2017) 

Since gaining independence in
1948 Sri Lanka had developed and applied an intricate and efficient growth
infrastructure to allow growth. One of many circumstances laid down in
following the neoliberal insurance policies imposed by he IMF was that the Authorities had
to just accept the Personal Sector because the Engine of Development and in step with that
proviso, the Public Sector shouldn’t have any growth incentives. This
meant that the  growth
infrastructure  needed to be abolished.  So as to assist agricultural manufacturing, the
Authorities applied a Assured Worth Scheme for paddy and different
cereals briefly provide. The intention was to allow cultivators earn a premium value
for his or her manufacturing. This Scheme was abolished and together with it the godowns
and Rice Mills which have been  very valuable-
have been offered for a tune or left to rot as scrap. This was an amazing loss. The
producers have been thereby denied  a
affordable  value for his or her produce. It
is the authors competition that this was purposely imposed on Third World
international locations to destroy their agriculture growth  in order that they must depend upon wheat
from the USA and Europe.  

One other Scheme was the Vegetable
and Fruit Buying Scheme, run by the Advertising Division, which supplied a
excessive value for native greens and fruits. The Advertising Division additionally had a
Cannery, to make Jam,  Juice and Sauces
out of native fruit. The IMF insisted that the Cannery must be privatized
and the Vegetable and Fruit Buying Scheme must be scrapped. This was
executed  and the Advertising Division was
abolished. Whereas this enabled imports of jam and Juice from Developed Nations
just like the USA it did trigger poverty in that the producers couldn’t promote their

Sri Lanka had a really
efficiently run Public Transport Scheme- a  totally geared up coach making unit at Werahera.
The nation was producing its personal coaches on imported chassis. This totally
geared up unit at Werahera was closed down and the dear cutting-edge
equipment offered for a tune, Thereafter Sri Lanka needed to import all its coaches. 

The Railways had developed equipment to make all coaches at Ratmalana, This
was additionally closed down and hundreds of carpenters misplaced their jobs. Thereafter
rail carriages have been imported.  

The scrapping of this
growth infrastructure was agreed and executed by President Jayawardena  of the UNP.  

Schooling  Sri Lanka had targeting
having a extremely developed college system, the place kids have been taught free. The
UNP Authorities launched Personal Worldwide Paying Colleges which taught the
kids of the wealthy  for international exams
and this ruptured the  complete
system of schooling that had been extremely developed with  Central Colleges. The UNP is completely
responsile for ruining the schooling system and truly creating  a youth that shun Sri Lankan  tradition and values. This was a significant
retrograde creation of the UNP.  Ranil
Wickremasinghe of the UNP occurred to be the Minister for Schooling that ruined
schooling in Sri Lanka 

One other main incident throughout
President Jayawardena’s interval is how he caved in to Prime Minister Rajiv
Gandhi of India and agreed to enact the 13 th Modification to the
Structure of Sri Lanka. The Structure of a rustic is a sacred doc
and any change has a bearing on the sovereignty of the nation  and President Jayawardena caving into the
Prime Minister of India to vary the Structure marks an amazing failure of
President Jayawardena. The 13 th Modification with Provincial Councils and
decentralizing topics was not appropriate for a small nation like Sri Lanka.
The Provincial Council system may be very expensive and it’s an pointless
expenditure. Decntralization of necessary topics like agriculture had a
detrimental impact.  

The style wherein the 13 th
Modification was handed in Parliament  is
additionally of nice significance. It signifies the extent to which President
Jayawardena and the UNP disregarded the pursuits of the nation and compelled  the elected representatives- the Members of
Parliament to be pressured, like at gun point- by incarcerating them in a resort,
retaining them below lock and key and marching them to Parliament to vote as he
happy. The President  additionally held letters
of resignation signed by all MPs (aside from Ronnie de Mel, the Minister of
Finance), which he held as ransom to make use of in case any MP refused to hold out
his directions. This undemocratic technique of ruling by President Jayawardena
stays a significant scar on the UNP.. Updated in implementing the 13 th
Modification Police and Land Powers haven’t been decentralized.  

The Samagi Bala Vegaya the place
Sajith Premadasa  is the primary candidate
has already declared that the  13 th
Modification in full- with police and land powers shall be applied. Sri Lanka
shall be with none  doubt  balkanized into provincial regimes and
that  would be the finish of Sri Lanka. 

Premadasa  1989-1993 

President Premadasas when
he  was president helped the LTTE, the
Tamil rebels who needed to carve out the north and east of Sri Lanka as a
separate state. President Premadasa even supplied weapons to the LTTE, which
they finally used in opposition to the Sri Lankan Military. 

President Premadasa in  Peace Talks with the LTTE agreed handy over
the Japanese Province to the LTTE and the police personnel in all of the police
stations within the Japanese Province have been instructed to give up to the LTTE
cadres within the space. This was executed and the LTTE as a substitute of offering them secure
passage to Colombo  as agreed, marched
600 police personnel  to the jungle the place
they have been murdered.  This motion of
President Premadasa is a criminal offense that may by no means be forgiven. ..  

It was throughout th reign of
President Premadasa that there was a reign of terror and many individuals went
lacking, A well-known lyric author, poet Richard de Zoysa  is meant to have been kidnapped and killed
by the armed forces. Within the days of 
President Premadasa there was obligatory acquistion of land in Colombo,
with none rhyme or cause. One land proprietor 
couldn’t even discover a lawyer  to
file a petition within the Supreme Courtroom to remain the acquisition of her
land.”(Karunaratne: How the IMF Ruined Sri Lanka: 2006: Godages) 

 Sajith Premadasa who leads the Samagi
BalaVegaya, evidently  a splinter group
of the UNP at this  Common Election,  solely quotes the great deeds like rural
growth which was executed by President Premadasa 


Kumaranatunge throughout her
interval tried to defeat the LTTE however miserably failed. It was throughout her time
that the LTTE attacked the Colombo Airport destroying numerous plane.  

President Mahinda Rajapaksa

The key achievement throughout
this era was the defeat of the LTTE.   

The LTTE had a reign of terror
for 30 years, developed the concept of getting youngster troopers and suicide bombing
and had a reign of terror in the complete island 

President Rajapakda vowed to
defeat the LTTE and commenced navy motion. The LTTE dominated the North of the
island for shut on three many years ,however was militarily defeated by President
Rajapaksa in 2009. The cat was out of the bag on the final second when the
Superpowers, together with France, the UK and the USA, got here ahead and  insisted that Prabhakaran,  the chief of the LTTE must be spared.  President Rajapaksa didn’t give in and
lastly the LTTE was routed and the chief Prabhakaran killed in 2009.  

Gotabhaya Rajapaksa, the
brother of President Mahinda Rajapaksa who had as soon as served within the Sri lanka
Military as a Lietunenant Colonel was the Defence Secretary  and performed a key position within the defeat of the
LTTE.  This defeating the LTTE exhibits
their mettle. 

The key achievement of
President Mahinda Rajapaksa was the defeat of the LTTE. Earlier as Minister for
Highways below the reign of Chandrika Kumaranatunge, he noticed to it that Sri
Lanka had  developed a community of nicely
constructed roads.. 

President Gotabhaya
Rajpaksa  performed a significant position within the
growth of the nation.  He
singlehandedly developed the Metropolis of Colombo, geared up it with walkways,  and numerous facilities.  Beneath him Colombo might even aspire to have
been  the very best metropolis in South Asia.  

The Serving to Hambantota
cheque incident is  held in opposition to
Prime Minister Mahinda Rajapaksa. Throughout the Tsunami Invasion in 2004, it was
delivered to his discover {that a} cheque has ben obtained  as a donation and he ordered that it’s
banked. It was banked and forgotten. In a while it was raised as a cost of
misappropriation and the cheque was traced mendacity unused in a checking account. This
incident must be taken in context when some 30,000 residents had perished when
the Tsunami struck and within the absence of the President, Mahinda Rajapaksa in
his capability because the PrimeMinister,  was
operating in all places in a helicopter issuing directions. There was no time to
report occasions and maintain notes. It was a time when the earth was turning on its
head. Take the matter out of context and one can say that he ought to have
ensured that the cheque was credited correctly. 
The writer too has had an inkiling of great days when  it was a matter of life or loss of life, when there
was an motion sequence each minute and there was no time to write down down and
test whether or not orders had been  carries
out. This cheque incident should be taken within the context of dealing with an
unprecedented  nationwide calamity. 

Prime Minister Mahiunda
Rajapaksa has confronted many issues. He has by no means run away like President
Chandrika when the Kolonnawa oil tanks have been in flames- an assault by the LTTE.
She was emplaning on the airport when that incident occurred. She continued
leaving the island,  leaving  the Presidential Secretariat to be manned by
his Secretary. The one time Mahinda Rajapaksa 
ran away was  in 2015, when  he realized that the voters had rejected him.
Then  he left Temple Timber abruptly and
stopped solely at Medamulana. That signifies his adherence to the democratic course of
of governance and elevates his standing in democratic politics.  

Sirisena cum Ranil Wickremasinghe 

The Yahapalane Authorities of
2015 was truly a Authorities that was established by international forces.  The USA performed a key position. It was the sequel
to President Rajapaksa refusing to observe the dictate of all of the
Superpowers  to not hurt and spare
Prabhakaran the chief of the LTTE. True to his kind President Rajapaksa
refused to accede to their request and the LTTE was completely defeated with the
chief too being killed in 2009. 

Although Maitripala Sirisena was
implanted because the president, the Yahapalana Authorities was ably run by Ranil
Wickremasinghe of the UNP who was the Prime Minister.  

Sacrificing the sovereigny of
Sri Lanka was clearly evident within the 
Yahapalana Authorities co sigining and agreeing to a UK sponsored
submission to the Geneva Council of Human Rights.  By this the Authorities of Sri Lanka agreed to
many provisions put ahead by the Superpowers together with international judges
taking part in Sri Lanka on investigations in opposition to the Sri Lankan Military
defeating the Liberation Tigers. 

The Interval 2015-2019 was
marked with an elevated international debt. The Central Authorities debt, as a share
of the GDP had elevated to 102.5% when the UNP ended its time period in 2005.  President Mahinda Rajapaksa dealt with the
economic system prudently and lowered the debt to 72.3% by 2015.  Nonetheless from 2015 to 2019, below the Yahapalana
Authorities  the debt elevated to  86.8%. 
This speaks of mismanagement throughout UNP rule and prudent administration
throughout President Rajapaksa’s rule.  

Earlier in 2001-2004 Ranil
Wickremasinghe because the Prime Minister, sided the Liberation Tigers and needed to be
eliminated by the President Kumaranatunge in 2004. 

The MCCCompact.  The USA
pressurized the Authorities to signal an settlement with the MCC(Millennium
Problem Company) for permitting the USA to have a stake in Sri Lanka in
return for a grant of $ 480 million. This was imagined to be spent on a
transportation and a land venture. An settlement was to be signed  however because of protests the Prime Minister Ranil
Wickremasinghe stated that the settlement shall be signed after the UNP nominee
Sajit Premadasa wins on the presidential election. Beneath the transport venture
some roads and site visitors lights and so forth have been to be developed , to easen site visitors
congestion whereas below the land venture, all crown land together with  land on colonization schemes, alienated below
restricted circumstances, have been  to be given
full saleable rights. These lands have been alienated on particular circumstances meant
to make sure that this land will stay throughout the peasantry. This was determined
in the course of the State Council days. The intention of the MCC proposals was evidently
to allow multinationals to get management over land in Sri Lanka.  

This MCC settlement divides Sri
Lanka into three segments with a hall from Trincomalee to Colombo,
together with each ports. This main hall comprised 28% of the land mass of Sri
Lanka. This part was to be given to the USA for a interval of 200 years.
Comparatively the British dominated Sri Lanka just for a interval of 133  years- 1815 to 1948. This part would come
below US jurisdiction. In brief the land could be US territory coming below US
legal guidelines..  


A map distributed by MCC
staff Chief Steve Dobrilovic confirmed this 
200 mile hall between Colombo and Trincomalee to be awarded to the
US authorities coming below US jurisdiction the place an electrical rail observe  was to be constructed successfully dividing Sri
Lanka right into a southern and northern area. It was a plan for Sri Lanka to be
handed over to the US Authorities and for the North to get into the arms of the
Ltte rebels who right now are planning subversion in secret. 

These negotiations occurred
in absolute secrecy between representatives of the Yahapalana Authorities and
the MCC staff from the USA housed throughout the Temple Timber Advanced utilized by Prime
Minister Ranil Wickremasinghe.”(Lanka Net10/1/2019) This was extremely irregular. 

The grant was to be given to
be managed by a MCC Firm below US Authorities procurement guidelines and
rules”(Lanka Net: 11/01/2020) 

You will need to be aware that
related agreements to divide Sri Lanka have been additionally proposed earlier by the Asian
Growth Financial institution an  the Export Import
Financial institution of Korea, however these have been all based mostly on loans. Within the case of the MCC it was
a grant. Nonetheless the grant was to be given to a company-   which is able to work with theMillennium Problem

It’s to be famous that the
beneficial phosphate deposits of Eppawela in addition to the illmenite deposits at
Pulumuddai have been inside this hall to be handed over to the USA.  

It’s right to state that
this MCC Compact will impringe on the sovereignty of Sri Lanka. As soon as granted
this space will come below US, managed below their legal guidelines.  

The UNP Yahapalana Authorities
of 2015-2019 was at first to get Minister Mangala Samaraweera to signal this MCC
Compact Settlement however this was  delay
because of protests.  

The intention of the MCC because the
alleviation of poverty is simply a façade to get this settlement signed. As an alternative
the MCC Compact  will allow international
multiinationals to achieve management over the land.   

It’s the opinion of Neville
Laduwahetty that  within the case of the MCC
Compact, the problem is that an Act that impacts an asset that’s an integral
half  of the sovereignty  of all of the individuals and held in belief by
elected representatives of governments 
shouldn’t be handed by a easy majority  however ONLy by a particular majority of two third
approval of Parliament and approval by the individuals at a Referendum.(The Island:

The UNP insisted that they
would signal the MCC Pact and after they discovered it unattainable to signal,  then declared that they’d signal the
settlement on the day after their candidate Sajith Premadasa is victorious at
the presidential election That didn’t occur and now they shout out that the
Authorities of President Gotabhaya will signal it. Alternatively President
Gotabhaya has subjected the MCC Pact to a Report by specialists led by Professor
Gunaruwan and the complete Report has been launched to the general public. The Report
states in particular phrases that the MCC Pact infringes on the sovereignty of Sri
Lanka and spokesmen of the Authorities have said that it’s going to not be signed.
The President Gotabhaya technique is upright 
with nothing to cover whereas when it was dealt with in 2015-2019, by Prime
Minister Wickremasinghe every part was swept below the carpet. It was
undoubtedly unsuitable to accommodate a US Firm the Millennium Chaallenge Company
drafting and scheming to get the Pact signed housed within the hallowed sacred
premises of Temple Timber. 

Sajith Premadasa  was a number one minister of the Yahapalana
Authorities of 1995 to 2020 and has to take duty for Authorities
misdeeds as he was a senior minister within the Cupboard. 

It’s unhappy that the US Embassy
resorted to many techniques to get the MCC Pact signed. Although the MCC Pact is
couched by way of poverty alleviation- it quantities to a sweetened tablet to pull
Sri Lanka extra into the orbit of the US hedgemony in South Asia.  

My frank opinion is that the
MCC Compact is an try to carve out a separate State for the LTTE, this time
in a sheep’s clothes. It’s a job that was earlier tried by the ADB and
the Eximm Financial institution of Korea. Then the supply was a mortgage. Within the MCC Compact it was a

Our Sri Lanka has the
potential  to develop our personal assets as
proved simply at this second by the restoration of the Valachenai Paper manufacturing unit
completed in a number of months throughout President Gotabhaya’s regime. It’s
reported that Valachenai Paper shall be provided on the market throughout the subsequent month.
This is a sign of the financial growth that may be anticipated below
President Gotabhaya. The style wherein President Gotabhaya  dealt with the Corona virus epidemic , by
deploying the military to test and supply quarantine has enabled Sri Lanka to
grow to be the foremost nation that dealt with the Coronavirus epidemic in an ready
method. This alone speaks volumes about President Gotabhaya’s potential to sort out
a calamity. In his ready arms Sri Lanka will inevitably prosper.  

The historic  information detailed above allow the voter who might
have forgotten our historical past, to behave as a patriot and save Sri Lanka on the
Common Election 2020.. 

Garvin Karunaratne 
Former GA, Matara, 


Writer of How the IMF Ruined Sri Lanka and Various Programmes of Success(Godages :2006)   
How the IMF Sabotaged Thord World Growth(Kindle/Godages: 201

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