Here is just a few unhappy songs, Chevelle – The Pink , Dea Dona Nobis Pacim – By Audrey Unusual (Demise Sentence), – Ave Maria – Sehpius Album – (Hitman), – Limp Bizkit – Behind blue eyes,this subsequent tune i might have after the film and present photos of no matter race that the holocaust was with as an example what most individuals know of the jewish holocaust surivers or the expansion of the race since them and make it appear significant but relaxed sorta of means kinda of like merciless intentions on the finish of the film when ryan phillipine died however he was nonetheless smiling within the image, (as a result of reese witherspoon his g/f on the time and launched his diary sorta like a planner that he saved all of his notes of what he was considering. The Verve – Bittersweet Symphony (Merciless Intentions). Six A.M. – Life is Lovely, Matcbox Twenty – How far weve come, regardless that all of the songs I’ve listed generally have a unique that means it may nonetheless sound good, when you can present a contented ending i suppose that means that it is a holocaust so the film self could be deppressing so end on a very good notice.

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