If you happen to’re like me, you are most likely spending wayyyy an excessive amount of time in Animal Crossing. However truthfully, is there actually such a factor?

Other than defending us from the apocalyptic hell of the actual world, Animal Crossing: New Horizons can be chock filled with considerate, little particulars that you just discover the extra you play. So we gathered a few of our absolute favourite observations of the lovable stuff that make the world and the villagers who populate it really feel so alive.

In fact, you may’t actually “spoil” Animal Crossing per se. However some folks may need to discover all this magic themselves on their very own time.

1. You possibly can has pet turtles 🙂

Not solely are you able to catch a snapping turtle (for those who’re fortunate), however you may really KEEP THEM AS PETS!! Nicely, OK, solely kinda. I am unsure the turtles know and even like being considered as your “pet.” However for those who show them in your home or round your village, they simply stand there with no water tank, hanging out, being cutie little lugs. 

Scorching tip: Press A close to your snapping turtle to get some, uh, love I assume!

One Redditor even claims that their villager was studying to 1 stated pet turtle, although it would simply look that means within the shot.

Simply do not suppose too lengthy concerning the philosophical and moral conundrum that comes with conserving animals as pets when your island is populated by sentient human-animals.

2. Villagers will rock the fuck out with you

You may’ve seen that your villagers sing each every so often. However their musical skills are much more wide-sweeping.

If you happen to give them the suitable setup, they will take to the mic and placed on a full-on live performance for you. Yas, thanks, Audie! Preserve the spirit of the music live performance scene alive throughout lockdown!

Maybe better of all, although, for those who select to affix their singalongs by enjoying an instrument close by, your villagers will actively transfer nearer for ethical assist and to get syncopated with the beat you are laying down.

That is not all, both. A particular villager named Beau might be caught yodeling in her home. One other was discovered to cease halfway by singing and seemingly…checking her cellphone for the lyrics she forgot?

3. They take selfies too! (And really feel unhealthy about it, identical to you!)

Usually talking, we extremely suggest you’re taking the time to look at your villagers’ habits, since all of them have their very own adorably distinctive qualities and actions. That is how you may catch golden moments like this, when Raymond snapped a selfie of himself earlier than wincing on the outcome.

We really feel you, Raymond! However publish it! Really feel cute, possibly delete later!

They’re going to additionally snap pics of issues they like, which makes us marvel if there’s an Animal Crossing model of Instagram.

4. Isabelle additionally does all types of cute issues

Sadly, Tom Nook appears to maintain Isabelle trapped in a unending 24-hour workday. Unionize Isabelle — you deserve fundamental human rights.

However within the meantime, everybody’s favourite assistant can typically be seen toiling away the hours of her countless shift in probably the most lovable methods. She’ll train within the afternoon, chug espresso at evening, sniff the flowers on her desk, unintentionally go to sleep within the chair instantly throughout from her boss.

Maybe cutest of all, although: She seems out the window to catch meteor showers every time one is occurring in your island. Urgh. She’s good. By no means change, Isabelle. (However do look into unionizing, please, this isn’t OK.)

5. Villagers who moved out can present up in your associates’ islands

This one boggled our minds, although it is really not new to New Horizons and likewise occurred in earlier Animal Crossing video games as nicely.

Typically in case your villager strikes out out of your island, they do not simply disappear into the Animal Crossing ether. They’ll really wind up in your associates’ islands, and can give your island a shoutout when explaining the place they moved from!

And for those who go go to them of their new place in your buddy’s island, they will additionally keep in mind you! As a result of regardless of how lengthy it has been, your Animal Crossing villagers don’t forget you 😭

6. Kimonos alter whenever you go into work-mode

There are a bunch of little cute particulars to find about your furnishings and clothes (like how followers blow wind by your vegetation and garments). However our favourite by far is that this added characteristic that stays true to how real-life kimonos work.

6. These villager-shaped silhouettes within the museum have a objective

Possibly like me whenever you first ran round exploring each nook of the attractive museum, you paused over one suspiciously ominous part. Within the fossil ward, there is a area for silhouettes of each completely different villager in the entire recreation. My first thought was, wait are we purported to…taxidermy our villagers to finish Blathers’ sick psychopathic museum of horrors?!

Seems, that isn’t the case.

These silhouettes are literally exhibiting how every villagers’ species’ has developed from a selected prehistoric ancestor. If you full that dinosaur show, you may really catch that villager within the designated silhouette and unlock particular dialogue to listen to how they really feel about it. In all probability slightly creeped out???

Additionally, strive standing on the dots round your museum. They every have enjoyable little distinctive soundscapes and widen the digital camera to allow you to soak in all of your wonderful donations.

7. A lot drama to be present in villager interactions

Once more, we won’t suggest observing your villagers sufficient. That is very true every time they work together with each other. 

Followers have caught their villagers doing all types of issues, like kissing.

They provide one another classes on tips on how to be, like, tremendous cool.

And even piss one another off and battle! 

If you happen to verify in after they’ve had a battle with upset expressions on their face, you may even get to listen to the recent gossip about what went down. This participant now has to take care of a fats shamer on her island.

8. There’s rainbows :’)

Keep in mind rainbows? Nicely we will by Animal Crossing.

9. You possibly can drop wasp nests in your villagers 😈 But it surely will not prevent

We have coated numerous cute villager habits. However let’s be sincere, a few of our Animal Crossing villagers actually need to die (or simply transfer the fuck out already, please Hamphrey take the HINT.) In these situations, when the proper circumstances come up, you may really drop a fats ol’ wasp nest on their head.

However jokes on you since you’re nonetheless the one who will get fucked over anyway!

10. Okay.Okay. Slider takes secret tune requests

If you happen to’re not accumulating Okay.Okay. Slider songs by the kiosk in Resident Providers, then you’re lacking out on a few of the best bops of the 21st century.

Here is the actual tip, although: These official EPs do not even come near the checklist of secret songs you will get by requesting particular songs when he performs concert events each Saturday evening exterior Resident Providers.

Followers are nonetheless determining all the key menu songs you may unlock. However we need to consider the beneath instance is true (it is not), and that Okay.Okay. can get away into Wonderwall upon request. FREE BIRD! DO FREE BIRD NEXT!


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