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Breathe Carolina has, so far, dropped two songs off their upcoming album “Deadthealbum.” Recently, the duo dropped the second track titled, “Like This.”

“Like This” has an alternative feel but is still all beats full of bass and piano melodies. The track is deep with meaningful lyrics, “I could spend the rest of my life like this.”It’s a song you’ll want to play over and over. “Like This” is the second of four singles the duo will be dropping before the album release. So far, the album seems like it is bringing old Breathe Carolina vibes back into the mix. The vibe of this album, so far, feels like it’s a mixture of deep house sounds and warm, moody lyrics.

The song also came with a wicked music video. The dark lighting, dark plot, and dark lyrics of the video fit the entire aesthetic of this upcoming album.

“Like This” Video:

Breathe Carolina fans missed lead-man David Schmitts vocals. The duo took a hiatus from using lyrics in their songs. However, “Deadthealbum” is said to contain vocals on every single song. The first song released was “Too Good.” the first track was more upbeat than “Like This” but both tracks have a dark twist within them.

According to Schmitt, that was the intention, “After a while, we took a step back and said ‘all these songs are pretty sad aren’t they’ – even the poppiest ones have this weird darkness to them. We just kept on the vibe though – every day we would open up a chord progression and see what would come out,he said in an interview with Rock Sound.

Lucky for Breathe Carolina fans, “Like This” and “Too Good” are just the beginning. “Deadthealbum” will be out November 15th but listen out for the next two singles and music videos coming our way.


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