In terms of each human and supernatural beings on The Vampire Diaries, good and evil aren’t absolutes which is what makes the characters straightforward to hate, laborious to like and complex to know. The vampires, werewolves, hybrids, doppelgangers, hunters and sirens had been all as soon as atypical folks, who as a consequence of extraordinary circumstances, change into these issues that go bump within the night time.

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Since The Vampire Diaries is in the end about retribution and forgiveness, generally the scariest monsters save the day. Whereas followers are keen to forgive and overlook the worst transgressions of the primary characters, they do not essentially let others off the hook so simply. Listed here are the 15 most hated supporting characters on The Vampire Diaries (one omission could shock you, however hated characters do not get spin-offs).

Replace July 4, 2020 by Gabriela Silva: The Vampire Diaries is likely one of the few exhibits that had been extremely profitable in stunning followers with evil villains and supporting characters. Audiences had been at all times saved on their toes as the primary characters needed to face new, higher and badder antagonists each season. Simply as a lot as followers liked the primary characters, additionally they had supporting characters that had been despised. Some prime others on the evilest and most hated scale. 

15 Isobel Flemming

Many followers disliked Elena’s beginning mom, Isobel Flemming. It is revealed that she was as soon as married to Alaric Saltzman however turned so infatuated with the supernatural world and so obsessive about vampires that she wanted Damon and slept with him, coercing him to show her. She then left Alaric and shortly met Katherine.

Followers disliked this supporting character as a consequence of her egocentric and darkish perspective. She purposefully harm the folks she liked to get her means. Isobel even goes so far as to have a relationship with Damon and has Elena attempt to get the Gilbert system for her. She additionally has two lackeys who kill for her, after which kidnap Jeremy to pressure Elena to do her bidding.

14 Qetsiyah/Tessa

Tessa made Damon’s, Stefan’s and Elena’s lives troublesome for a whole of 4 episodes. Tessa has a protracted historical past and is thought to be the strongest witch to exist. She creates turmoil with the primary characters as she seeks revenge towards Silas, Stefan’s doppelganger. Her energy is immense as she was the unique witch who created the primary immortality spell (later proved to really be Silas) in addition to the treatment to vampirism.

Tessa can also be answerable for creating the Different Facet the place she had hoped to imprison Silas for his betrayal. Throughout her time on the present, audiences understood her ache however disliked her ambition for revenge regardless of the fee. She performed her hand and compelled the primary characters to conform along with her calls for. There is not any larger fury than a girl scorned.

13 The Heretics

The Heretics instilled some worry in the primary characters throughout their time in season six and 7. The Heretics had been a robust coven of hybrids underneath the management of Damon and Stefan’s mom, Lily Salvatore. Bonnie was unable to assist Lily revive the Heretics to modern-day. When Kia is within the Jail World, the Heretics feed on him and return to Mystic Falls.

The hybrid group was disliked by audiences as a consequence of their blind allegiance to Lily. Resulting from being turned into vampires by her, they had been compelled to do her bidding even when it meant killing folks or inflicting mayhem alongside the best way.

12 John Gilbert

John Gilbert is a mere mortal, however as a member of one of many founding households, he is a man with energy who tries to exert management over everybody and every thing whereas harboring intractable hate for the undead. He is an atypical man who will get his means by means of threats and intimidation. His conceitedness is amplified by his Gilbert Ring, which permits him to face down vamps with out worry of loss of life.

John is old-school Mystic Falls — the ultimate era of founding households that ineptly battles vampires. John does save Elena’s life, however when no person’s unhappy to see you go, you’ve got stayed too lengthy on the celebration.

11 Arcadius

The principle characters went so far as disgruntling the literal ruler of hell, the satan, Arcadius. He turned outstanding within the eighth season and raised hell. Cade was the first-ever psychic who was murdered by his personal village. He set off a psychic blast creating an alternate dimension that turned hell. Cade is summoned by Sybil and wreaks havoc on Earth. He has no regard for human life and compelled Damon or Stefan to kill 100 folks to avoid wasting Elena.

Cade is a hated character as a consequence of taking part in the chances as he makes use of Stefan’s soul in addition to Enzo’s to threaten Damon and Bonnie. He places everybody’s life in danger which is not stunning due to who he’s. He tries to struggle Bonnie, in the long run, to maintain Damon’s soul in hell.

10 Klaus Mikaelson

In all equity, Klaus Mikaleson is extra of a love-hate relationship. At the start of his look on the present, followers despised him as he put Elena and her family members in peril to change into a werewolf/vampire hybrid. He even goes so far as turning Jenna after which killing her. Klaus’s indifference to bloodshed and homicide made him a notable antagonist.

As his character progressed, followers began to really feel dangerous for Klaus regardless of his killer methods. Klaus is sort of manipulative and destroys anybody in his path within the blink of an eye fixed. However his character slowly began to point out his true feelings, exposing fragility and a need to be liked.

9 Kai Parker

Kai a self-proclaimed sociopath whose solely objective throughout season 6 is to change into the pinnacle of the Gemini Coven. Kai’s sunny disposition is tough to reconcile along with his harmful actions and darkish impulses. Kai manages to be virtually likable at occasions due to his sarcastic quips, beauty, and talent to play properly with others (so long as it is mutually useful) which clumps him in with the likes of everybody from Damon to Klaus.

As a result of even the “good guys” on The Vampire Diaries give in to their very own worst impulses occasionally, to be an irredeemable monster means committing heinous acts that exceed the bottom expectations. Kai preys on the weakest and most helpless — the unborn infants in his sister’s womb. Even a day out in Hell does nothing to trigger Kai to rethink murdering youngsters, notably his nieces.

8 Katherine Pierce

Chased to the tip of the world and again by Klaus Mikaelson, Katherine spends 500 years both making an attempt to evade the world’s oldest vampire or discovering some technique to appease him. Her actual legacy is being a Stage 5 Clinger, and that is a major problem since each Katherine and the item of her affection, Stefan, are each immortal.

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It is pure genius for the present’s good lady to have the identical face as its baddest b**ch. Make no mistake, Katherine’s earned the title by, with various levels of success, attempting to finish or wreck the lives of Jeremy Gilbert, Elena Gilbert, Bonnie Bennett, Pearl, Anna, Jenna, Rose, Trevor, Mason Lockwood and Tyler Lockwood and so many others.

Her greatest crime? She comes between two loving brothers, inflicting over a century’s price of guilt and anger. She’s the explanation they reunite in Mystic Falls, arrange store, and, properly, the remainder is historical past.

7 Silas

vampire diaries silas paul wesley

The 2000-year-old Silas is season 4’s large dangerous who is decided to take the treatment and drop the veil to the Different Facet, unleashing hell on Earth. A shadowy determine whose powers exceed something followers have seen earlier than, Silas blurs the road between actuality and phantasm to the purpose the place the primary characters do not know what’s actual and what’s not.

Season 4’s physique depend is epic, and Silas both orchestrates the deaths or is straight accountable. He sentences his “shadow self” Stefan to months of dying repeatedly by drowning. Silas is the primary villain to strike worry into members of the Authentic household, and whereas even probably the most diabolical villains have a weak spot, Silas is indestructible.

6 Esther Mikaelson

The Authentic witch begins as a potential ally to Elena and the Salvatore brothers since she’s decided to kill all of her youngsters throughout season 3. When Plan A fails, Esther’s Plan B  includes turning Alaric into the final word vampire hunter, and to make it worse, she makes use of Elena as a part of her scheme.

Not solely do Elena and Jeremy lose the final steady affect and parental determine of their lives, however Alaric’s hunter instincts additionally eradicate his morality,  empathy and his affection for his former pals. Ethel created this plague on humanity, and each try she makes to proper this fallacious punishes the undeserving: Alaric, Abby Bennett, Elena, Jeremy, Bonnie and Matt.

5 Dr. Wesley “Wes” Maxfield

Dr. Wes Maxfield, a member of the Augustine Society who’s a season 5 antagonist, is obsessive about creating a brand new form of vampire: one who solely craves the blood of different vampires. Wes does not simply use present vampires, he kills regular folks and turns them to additional his analysis.

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The Augustine storyline is ugly, and it does not serve a lot function besides to additional emphasize how horrible Damon is despite Elena’s supposed constructive affect. It additionally blurs the road between good and evil since Elena’s father — loving patriarch and city doctor — was an Augustine. Vampires could also be predatory by nature, however a person who believes probably the most heinous actions are justified in the event that they’re for their very own twisted perception of a larger good might be much more harmful.

4 Professor Atticus Shane

Loss and grief make Professor Shane weak to Silas’ thoughts management, however orchestrating a number of mass murders and manipulating a younger witch and turning her right into a mystical time bomb is all on him. He acts like a crazed fanboy round vampires, and his laborious promote to get everyone on board along with his plans to lift Silas throughout season Four makes him look like a twitchy, determined used automotive salesman.

Shane manages to delude himself in believing the atrocities he commits might be rectified when Silas rises, however he simply seems like a fanatic speaking in regards to the rapture. In spite of everything his Machiavellian scheming, and there is an immense quantity of satisfaction in watching his cries for assist in that cave go unanswered.

3 Kol Mikaelson

Kol is a Mikaelson, however he is not burdened with the problems of his siblings. Not like Rebekah, he does not lengthy for humanity. Not like Elijah, he has no real interest in being honorable. Not like Klaus, he isn’t plagued with daddy points nor does Kol have any curiosity in amassing energy. He is only a reckless youthful brother unencumbered with any needs above feeding and self-preservation: the latter being what motivates him to terrorize and threaten the Gilbert siblings throughout season 4.

So far as villains go, Kol is stuffed with youthful exuberance and hubris, obnoxious and overconfident, and it is a welcome aid when this emotionally stunted Authentic brother meets his finish.

2 Lily Salvatore

Lily Salvatore is free of the 1903 Jail World for the only function to get Stefan to regain his humanity throughout season 7. The household reunion proves disappointing since Lily cares much less for her sons than a bunch of Heretics who she credit with serving to her kick her Ripper behavior. Again and again Lily makes it clear to Stefan and Damon that she has no maternal emotions in direction of them, selecting to facet with vampire-witch hybrids who successfully flip Mystic Falls right into a ghost city.

Lily’s delusion that she will be able to management the Heretics and reside in concord like some ghoulish Brady Bunch makes her virtually extra pathetic than the rest. Regardless of her eventual a-ha second that each one of her decisions have tragic penalties does not make her any extra likable.

1 Sybil

A lovely seductress with the power to bend males to do her bidding and crush their free will seems like a reasonably cool chick. She’s much less interesting when you be taught she’s a siren who feeds on dangerous girls and boys and delivers their souls to Cade, aka “the Satan.” She’s additionally liable to jealousy, unwilling to share Enzo and Damon with anybody, notably those that love them.

Followers are at all times rooting for Damon to redeem himself, however Sybil sends him right into a downward spiral not like viewers have ever seen earlier than, and when she inserts herself into Damon’s recollections of Elena, properly, that is simply pushing it, girlfriend.

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